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Feb 2, 2011 Likemtall commented on Dept. of Stopped Clocks.
"If you can take a dick, you can take a joke" - Tracey Morgan, 2010
Jan 24, 2011 Likemtall commented on SL Letter of the Day: Real Or No Real?.
Yes, I parade around every weekend with head held high in the bright light of the mall or market where nobody ever recognizes me.....then all of a sudden I'm spotted.......


Jan 8, 2011 Likemtall commented on We Don't Allow Gay-Straight Student Alliances At Our Schools Because Vulnerable Gay Teenagers....
Hahaha, Holy Crap (pun fully intended) I grew up in Halton County! There are only 4 town's Oakville, Burlington, Milton, and Georgetown in the county. Back in the 80's when I went to high school there was only 1 Catholic H.S., Assumption in Burlington that bussed in kids from the entire county. There might have been one further north in G-Town but don't remember. There is a huge Italian community which mostly feeds the catholic schools. So maybe she should've said Mussolini - LOL
When I was in school there were tons of kids that lived walking distance to my H.S, but we being bussed an hour away to Assumption. Back then the Catholic schools were only partially funded there was an annual tuition plus you had to pay for uniforms too. When they became fully funded enrollment sky rocketed. Few years after I left my first H.S. closed due to declining enrollment and a few years later was re-opened at full capacity as a Catholic school.

For being part of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) Halton always was a very very conservative place. Looking at the pics of the dinosaurs on the HCDSB I'm not surprised they would say something so dumb. But the cute one at the bottom of the list though looks like a total Mo!

Jan 5, 2011 Likemtall commented on John Boehner, Size Queen.
@2 Boehner is of German ancestry.

In German when there are two consecutive vowels the first vowel is silent and the second is pronounced. Often that second vowel is an 'e' which is pronounced as a short vowel, as in met or bet. In German it would sound more like Benner. With the second syllable not as the hard 'er' sound either but ryhme with Stir or Slur.

Mueller is pronounced here as Mule-er, but in German sounds more like Miller.
Dec 25, 2010 Likemtall commented on Savage Love.
Can't believe I'm the first to point this out but....BOTB, what are the chances that the parents are paying for the wedding?
If Mom is footing the bill then I guarantee you the Bride has absolutely no final say on the guest list, SO, plus one or anyone else for that matter.

I've been in a similar situation as the boyfriend. My partner's mother never wanted to meet me. After 3yrs of us living together she would call the house and politely ask to speak with him as though I was the maid answering the phone. When speaking with him she would refer to me as his "roommate" and not acknowledge we were actually a couple. All of his siblings met me and had invited me to their houses for dinners, thanksgiving, christmas, birthday's, etc. Except for when the Mother was around (she lives in a different city), I didn't exist and nobody was prepared to rock the boat on the issue for a long time. Many family events happened where not only was I not included but events with an ambiguous guest list my partner was told specifically that I was not welcome. Secretly I was happy to not attend because they are a bunch of assholes but I would go and make nice because that is what you do to be harmonious. It's his family and so left it up to my partner to deal with. He worked at it with his Mom, and so did his siblings eventually, to no avail. So my partner started to just decline invitations if we both were not included. Mom would piss and moan at these gatherings that my partner wasn't there so it wasn't the "whole" family. She never got it through her head that the "whole" family included me as far as everyone else was concerned except her. What happened to turn her around was the unexpected and gruesome death of one of his siblings. While the family was grieving together, all the siblings with their spouses, my partner was alone. Grieving alone without the one person who could comfort him the most and she was the one twisting the knife so the light seemed to finally go on. She also began to realize how much of my partner's life she was missing out on. It took close to a year after that for her to actually come to our house, but it happened.

Mom may never be ready to accept your gayness or your partner. You cannot force acceptance on her either, she needs to have her own eureka moment. You shouldn't be treated like a second class citizen especially in your own family but be careful not to destroy the relationship with your sister over Mom's issues. Let your feelings be known to your sister. If Mom is controlling the finances for the wedding then take the high road, show up to the Church, play dutiful son and brother then bail before the reception.
Nov 30, 2010 Likemtall commented on SL Letter of the Day: How Gay Is That?.
Dear Kurt Hummel, you flame on ghurl if that's your thing. I'm certainly not a hater, but I've seen this sideshow too many times thanks. With every new batch of recently out gay boys thinking they're the next best thing. I'd be behind you 100%, as would many other of Teh Gayz (pun fully intended) if it all weren't so contrived and boring. Sure there is a time and a place for camp and I can give two snaps up with the best of them, but it doesn't work 24/7. It is only shrill and annoying.
At the risk of sounding too condescending, you're young and it is a rite of passage to come out and be super-fantabulous-you-better-work-fierce! But life isn't Project Runway, and Jack MacFarlane isn't really the best role model. You're going out of your way to be in people's faces with your gayness, not because it's the real you but you're just demanding attention and being petulant. Some of the most flamboyant queens I knew when I was in my early 20's are now hanging out in the leather and bear bars. One day when you have the confidence to be yourself, you'll look back, roll your eyes, and say, "what was I thinking"

Been there, wore that, and the tight t-shirts were neon at the time.

Nov 29, 2010 Likemtall commented on SL Letter of the Day: Slam, Bam, Slam, Bam, Slam, Bam—Without A Thank You, Ma'am?.
Remember in When harry Met Sally, Carrie Fisher's character was seeing a married man. She kept saying over and over again, "his wife, he's never going to leave her". Sally finally says to her, "nobody thinks that he is ever going to leave her".
Maybe, and I'm just throwing it out there, this guy has always been an asshole, the friends watched it unfold and everybody knew it. Maybe they even warned TOWTT that she was playing with fire and would get burned because she was wasting her time and energy on an asshole. Maybe TOWTT defended it by telling them it's just a FWB thing that's not real or serious.
So now what everybody saw coming, except the LW, has inevitably happened and she's pissed at being publicly embarrassed. Don't want to be publicly embarrassed anymore, stop fucking talking about it to anyone who will listen and let it go. You will never get an apology from this guy, ever. I've been in this situation, and I've been the friend to say, what did you expect?
Maybe I'm completely wrong on the situation. But, drama is rarely something just just comes out of nowhere, suddenly. There are often lots of signs and warning signals that just go ignored. So I'm not really buying this......all of a sudden...scenario she's painted.

For the record before I get attacked, I wholly agree this guy is a douche who could've/should've handled it better.
Nov 27, 2010 Likemtall commented on Humanity 1, Pit Bulls 1.
@12 As the owner of 2 Rottweilers I completely support what you propose. Both of mine are rescues and both have been painstakingly trained. That's what I signed up for when I made the commitment to give them a home for life, to socialize them and train them. One is 95lbs and the other (in my avatar) is 75lb crossed with an Aussie Shepherd and has the energy of one too. He gets the right amount of exercise daily to keep him tired to avoid destructive situations because of pent up energy (like chewing).
My responsibility to these dogs and society is to be in command of them at all times. Which is reinforced to them a hundred times a day, whether it's waiting for the go command to eat their food, clipping their nails, going outside, or being on a leash, I am the boss, and they know it.
The reality is if either one of them absolutely made up their mind and decided they were going to do something, there is very little I could do physically to stop them. But what I say goes, dogs are pack animals and I am the leader of the pack so they obey. They respond to my voice not to restraint devices that are pretty much for show on such strong animals. Dogs are also dogs, they're not people and human psychology doesn't work on them, their thought processes are entirely different. Socializing and exercising is just as important in understanding dog behavior and how/why they think the way they do.
Pit Bulls are bred partially from Terriers which are a very high energy dog that require a great deal of exercise. Not getting that exercise is a recipe for trouble.
My condo board last year tried to pass a by-law to ban certain breed types which included Rottweilers. Thankfully it was voted down after a very thorough debate that the bylaw should be re-examined to address specific vicious or aggressive dogs regardless of breed.
Owners should be held 100% responsible for the actions of their animal, any responsible pet would support that.
Nov 16, 2010 Likemtall commented on Sarah Palin's Alaska Offspring.
Is there anyone out there who is surprised by this? C'mon, let's see a show of hand.

Anyone? Anyone?

I didn't think so.
Oct 31, 2010 Likemtall commented on Arkansas School Board Bigot Clint McCance Resigns.
Nobody reaches enlightenment over night. I think this guy could weather the threats, name calling, and even the national humiliation. If you heard the statement that was made by his father before this interview, I bet you he got a serious dressing down from dad for saying such things. And it's the south, you don't talk back or disrespect your parents.
And I would bet you next weeks pay cheque, the wife being "sent" away was more like he got a double dressing down from her for what he said about disowning his kids.
When he realized that not only will he be sleeping on the couch for the next 5yrs but also humping his fist for twice as long, he saw the error of his ways.