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2:16 PM yesterday JonCracolici commented on Seattle's Downtown Evolution?.
This place was so bad. They are trying to build an aura of exclusivity, but really they just make you wait for 45 minutes even though no one is up there. I don't mind the drink price, but I hate it when people waste my time. And once up there a server did not appear. At all. We were in the service section. I had to go order my drinks from the bar. A+ for location, B+ for drinks, D for service.
Aug 11 JonCracolici commented on Savage Love.

For sure, especially since showers aren't really how people use too much water. Its that lawn. Lawns are 70% of residential water use in the US of A. If you really want to help the environment, walk, bike and use transit, don't have a lawn, eat real food, and try to recycle etc. Things like showers and water/energy efficient appliances are nice, but that stuff is really on the margin of your climate impact.
Aug 5 JonCracolici commented on This Week on the Blabbermouth Podcast: Seattle Socialist Tries to Defend Support for Jill Stein.
I don't think Van is a test case for increasing housing supply. Chinese investors are allowed to simply pour money in, and they are right to. The Chinese stock market is extremely volatile, if you have made big gains its sensible to lock them into property somewhere. That Charles talks about this aspect of the situation so much shows that his concerns are not with the underlying economics of the housing markets, but with this specific issue Van is facing.
Jun 25 JonCracolici commented on Watch: Oil Train Protesters Interrupt President Obama at Jay Inslee Fundraiser.
The UK voted to leave the EU. Its not like our presidential elections, where which state you're voting in matters. Everyone in the UK voted, they counted them all up, and "leave" had more at the end of the day.
Jun 9 JonCracolici commented on Council Questions $160 Million Price Tag for Three-Story Police Station.
True, but the city has never been in the sidewalk construction business so I'm not sure that's relevant. Unless you count the sidewalks in front of city owned buildings.
May 20 JonCracolici commented on Student Government Backs Anti-Racism Occupation at Seattle University, Legendary Activist Dick Gregory Weighs In.
Devil's Advocate here: What North Korean literature are you interested in reading? Saying all cultures have lessons to teach etc sounds nice and progressive, but it cant be true unless you think that some pretty horrible, barbaric cultures have lessons for us.

If you don't know about a culture, I think its totally appropriate to honestly try to learn, and give cultural differences the most generous interpretation until you understand the situation. But not all cultures are equal, and that's obvious if things like virtue, or freedom, or equality are important to you.
May 19 JonCracolici commented on Neapolitan Crime Bosses Show Respect for a Colleague's Gender Identity.
I think things might be getting a little myopic if folk's take away from learning about the Camorra is to think about their non-stance on trans rights. The Camorra doesn't do social commentary, this was a brutal murder of a possibly brutal person.

Gomorrah is a fantastic book, and Id really recommend reading it before forming an opinion on the Camorra.
May 12 JonCracolici commented on Seattle University Anti-Racist Coalition Occupies Dean's Office, Demands Her Resignation.
I checked it out on my way to class this morning, it seemed really chill. People seemed happy. I doubt the Dean will resign though. I think its kind of hard to pin a Jesuit school not being super diverse or focused on non-Christian non-European thinking on a single person. Christian/European stuff is kinda what Catholic schools do.

My 2 cents: I agree that the canon needs revision, but not really in the same way. I'm not a humanities major, but in my humanities classes I have felt that we are just reading too many authors. Mills, Kant, and Aristotle are covered in one class, and its hard for people to read much of their ideas or really wrap their minds around it. Adding more authors might "expose" students to more ideas, but not really get into it or understand them. I would have rather taken a whole class on Aristotle than the way we did it.
May 11 JonCracolici commented on Seattle University Anti-Racist Coalition Occupies Dean's Office, Demands Her Resignation.
Seriously doubt that will happen. I was on campus, across the walk from this all day long. Had no idea it was happening. Not exactly a big police response.
Apr 13 JonCracolici commented on The Morning News: New Details about Renton Woman's Murder and Ethics Investigation of Transportation Head Scott Kubly.
Re: the crowd

People can have a problem with the demographics, but it really is a totally open public meeting. Literally anyone can turn up and join in, with no barrier of any kind, except that all the speeches were in English. I went. I tried to get my wife to come. She said no. I always try. She always says no. She just doesn't find it interesting. From the way the crowds usually are, Id guess that most women feel the same way.

But what can you do about it? Its a pretty dry and tedious subject generally, with a steep learning curve, and pretty darn nerdy. Most people would never turn up to that meeting. The ones that do are apparently dudes. What process could change that?