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May 15, 2014 Shibari-san commented on Cat Saves Little Boy From Dog Attack.
It's in Bakersfield and they are having a bad meth problem there at the moment. I know people who are constantly over there, installing cameras. It's getting bad as poor/gangs are being flushed from LA/Anaheim with rising rent costs and cities trying to "clean" themselves up. So they get pushed into areas like Bakersfield.

As for the cat-- it looks after the boy after immediately chasing off the dog. The mom was locking the dog up in the neighbor's yard, she also got bit by it.
Mar 10, 2014 Shibari-san commented on His Shirt Says He's a "Doctor".
Or at least spent 5 minutes talking to him to find out why he was looking for donations, as it could have been for a good cause. With the first post on this.
Nov 15, 2013 Shibari-san commented on The Man Who Claims to Have Fatally Shot Renisha McBride by Accident to be Charged with Murder.
I'm with 13 and 14. So tired of White Liberals with the tune of "we need to support this victim because she's of colour!". So, what if she did hurt or killed anyone when she was drunk? Oh, doesn't count then? Righto. White liberal guilt at its finest. Had this been a white person, everyone would be saying, "you chose to drink and drive, you suffer the consequences of your action".

"But she didn't hurt anyone (this time)!" You should make it your mission to petition the courts to allow drunk drivers to get a free pass if they didn't kill anyone when they were arrest for a DUI.

This woman chose to drink and drive. This was her outcome. Her death, not some bystander. Zero fucks given.
Sep 5, 2013 Shibari-san commented on Creators Quit Comic Book When DC Comics Refuses to Publish a Gay Wedding.
Comics in general have female and LGBT* problems. Some are handling it better then others. Marvel > DC in that aspect, for sure. I am glad for the birth of "web comics" as we see more diversity and people being able to tell mainstream publishers like DC, Marvel, etc to fuck off and go their own route. Physical publishing is dying and digital is definitely the way to go.

As for web comics- Penny Arcade was never good, I'm avid gamer and found them very lacking since they got started. They just found a small niche of people who supported them and made the right connections. The occasionally comic which pulled regular nonreaders for views and most people at least hear of them.

The whole dickwolves thing is them wanting to embrace their "LOL WE'RE BOYS BEING BOYS" rather then an actual rape issue. I think it taps more into sexism then rape in that vein of thinking. They just can't see that and they want to ride the controversy for money. That's what I got from Krahulik's statement. He wants to sale something that is shocking for money and get views on his site for more money.

I, personally, wasn't bothered by it. But I can see how other women would be and how it encourages the deep division of men and women in geek/nerd/gamer/ community. Frankly, I think people who use negative woman/sexuality statements are weak. Weak in skill, as people, in their confidence in a culture. All the dickwolves episode shows is that Krahulik is sexist. Not outright, not that he can actually see himself. But he is.

And the people supporting him use it as a tool to keep crippling the community because god forbid if it becomes more open. I think that's why I think a lot of guys have issues with women in that area. Because it's more "competition" and if they have a sexism streak, no matter how mild, they're suddenly going to have to compete with girls. And will lose. Men have issues with losing, more so if it's to a girl. Especially if you're socially disabled.

And he's scared that people won't keep to his brand as more and more far better artist and writers publish. A lot of them are women. What better way to get views then through hate clicks?
Sep 5, 2013 Shibari-san commented on Creators Quit Comic Book When DC Comics Refuses to Publish a Gay Wedding.
@1 It depends on when the proposal comes. But then again, that's why we shouldn't be fucking with the creative team who is writing and drawing that. Straight people can get married within the day of marrying one another; so should gay people. It's about equality.

And what is happened is DC being more and more bigot. I keep hoping to see this company die because frankly... they need to put down and we can hope something better comes from it.
Sep 4, 2013 Shibari-san commented on Weiner Explodes on Voter.
Well, god forbid this man for standing up for "marrying Arab woman". WAY TO PRO-RACIST, PAUL.
Aug 31, 2013 Shibari-san commented on Obama Speaking About Syria.
@25 Japan was trying to surrender before we dropped the bomb. But America doesn't like to admit that.
Aug 31, 2013 Shibari-san commented on Obama Speaking About Syria.
Yes, lets help one side commit genocide on the other. It won't ever blow up on our face. -nods nods nods-
Aug 19, 2013 Shibari-san commented on King County Sheriff Demotes Problem Cop.
And this is why, sometimes, unions need to go. Because they love love love love to protect the bad guy.