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1:18 PM yesterday Beth commented on Rhubarb: The Surest Sign of Spring.
Oops-- sorry for the double post.
1:16 PM yesterday Beth commented on Rhubarb: The Surest Sign of Spring.
Sauté fresh asparagus! Heat a frying pan with a (very) little olive oil, topped with a shake or 2 of salt. Lay on the spears, maybe a chopped garlic clove, and cover for 2-3 minutes with heat reduced to encourage a steaming effect. Uncover and turn spears, heat up for sautéing again, for another couple of minutes. Voila! A great break from the boiled spear.
1:10 PM yesterday Beth commented on Rhubarb: The Surest Sign of Spring.
Sauté fresh asparagus! In a frying pan heat a (very) little olive oil, and a couple of shakes of salt on the pan. Lay the spears on and cover 2-3 minutes, then uncover, turn spears and eat when desired snappiness is reached. A nice break from boiled.
Apr 16 Beth commented on Pot Smokers: They're Just Like Us! (Now with Photographic Proof).
Perfect! Thanks, I needed a laugh.
Apr 7 Beth commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: I'm Horny and He's Jerking Off In the Other Room.
Hmmm, she could go 3x's a day, he could skip weeks, but she doesn't say how often they are actually having their vanilla sex with mind-blowing (for her) orgasms . If it's 'only' once a day, should she DTMF? Seems like an important detail. I wouldn't blame the guy for wanting to get off on his own sometimes, and yes, they are miss-matched if she needs to have sex more than once a day, but we are missing an important detail. How often do they actually have sex and is it reasonable to expect more, given the quality of the sex sounds pretty satifying.
Mar 3 Beth commented on Jimmy Kimmel's Awesome Vaccine PSA.
Ok, this post may be more appropriate for the Morning News thread, but this reminds me of the Elephant Wars at the zoo. Why do the mayor and the public think they know more about what is the best placement for the zoo's elephants, than the people who study, work with, and know the zoo's elephants? I once saw a moving documentary about an elephant that got moved to a sanctuary, so now I'm an expert and KNOW that all captive elephants would be better off at a sanctuary. Similar basic issue to vaccination, global climate change deniers, etc...
Feb 14 Beth commented on Returning Column!.
Good column and a keeper!
Feb 13 Beth commented on Fuck First—Now in Comic Form!.
Ah, he has a prosthetic leg. Nice unexpected detail in there.
Feb 5 Beth commented on Watch Nancy Pearl and Me Talk About Books.
What do you mean, 'sorry about all the me' ?--you are the one being interviewed! And while I get that watching and listening to yourself can be uncomfortable, most of us feel this way so don't mention it. You are adorable and have a nice speaking voice, and know your book reviewing. It's a good interview. Yay, Nancy Pearl!
Jan 29 Beth commented on SL Letter of the Day: Betrayal and Ball Ache.
@4- DITTO!

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