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Aug 29, 2013 spudbeach commented on Obama's New Pot Rules Are a Bigger Deal Than You Think.
Umm -- not such a big deal. This is at the whim of the Attorney General, and is a direction to the local US attorneys. It is not the law. It can be changed any time they Attorney General feels like it. It can be ignored by the US attorneys. You still can't get a bank account if you say you're dealing pot. And, if you are arrested and tried for abiding by this guidance, you will not be able to bring that up at your trial.

We need legalization on a national level, or at least a law from Congress saying that the feds will only have power over interstate movement of pot. Until then, you are playing with you life.

After all, if they really meant it, Obama would release all the legal dealers in medical pot. But he won't. So, until then, I'm not holding my breath.
Jul 31, 2013 spudbeach commented on Police Threatened to Arrest Me for Taking Their Photo Last Night.
See photography is not a crime for _way_ more stories just like this one.
Jul 28, 2013 spudbeach commented on Slog Bible Study: Matthew 8:30-32.
@12: I don't think so. I suspect that they just let them rot. After all, they were demonic. The wasting food meme in the bible is getting old, don't you think?
Jul 21, 2013 spudbeach commented on Slog Bible Study: Exodus 22:31.
Ah -- yet one more example of how rich the bible writer was. As in two weeks ago, when the fat of a sacrifice must be given unto god, so this week the perfectly good animal that was killed by foxes / wolves / whatever must be tossed. I tell ya, the guy that wrote this was never hungry.
Jun 30, 2013 spudbeach commented on Slog Bible Study: Leviticus 3:17.
@8: You've never been hungry, have you? Fat is not inedible. Fat is only deemed "inedible" by people who have enough to eat, and are turning up their nose at the most calorie dense part of the animal. And as for blood, that is quite edible too, as anybody who has eaten blood sausage can attest to.

I would think that saving the fat and the blood would be just the opposite of not eating the inedible: ostentatiously _not_ eating the best part, just to show how rich you are.
Jun 30, 2013 spudbeach commented on Slog Bible Study: Leviticus 3:17.
Ah -- context. This isn't as absurd as it sounds -- it is even more absurd. This commandment is about what to do with the sacrifice. In essence, an all-seeing, all-powerful, all-present god is so insecure that he demands his chosen people to regularly take their most important possessions and totally waste them for his enjoyment, and do so in exactly the way his whim commands. Oh, and if you don't, your people are eternally damned.

If that's not the portrait of a domestic abuser, I don't know what a domestic abuser is.
Jun 16, 2013 spudbeach commented on Pandora’s Promise: A Documentary That May Change Your Opinion of Nuclear Power.
@33: Oh, you mean like in Iceland? Where 53.4% of the total national consumption … comes from geothermal? Yes, geothermal can be useful -- it is also used for some of California's electricity.

As for "raising the actinide series elements", radioactivity has an unfortunate problem: we have the ability to detect it to levels far below its danger point. Hence, we get headlines like "radioactivity detected from Fukushima" when the actual level is far, far, far below the natural radioactivity we are all exposed to all the time. (See this article for comparative exposures between natural hot spots (like the beach in Rio) and the "arable surface of the planet . . . we want to render off-limits to habitation and agriculture". Sorry, not even close.

Now, when choosing between: a) de-populate the world, b) doom everybody to poverty, c) shoot for pie-in-the-sky solutions, or d) use nuclear power, I know I'll go for d) every time.
Mar 5, 2013 spudbeach commented on "When I grow up, I want to be a mass murderer.".
Let us all argue about it, but let me put in my two cents on the moral of this story: How wonderful "low impact" psychological treatment can be. Not everybody who makes threats is a threat. Not every unbalanced individual is a future killer. Not every case of ADD requires confinement in the mental hospital. Maybe, just maybe, if we could offer low cost, non-confrontational mental health services, we would all be better off.
Oct 12, 2012 spudbeach commented on When It's Your Own Family That Needs Convincing.
I had a very similar conversation with my family, but it didn't go as well.

I grew up in Ohio, and my family still lives there. Ohio is starting a petition to get same sex marriage on the ballot, and I tried to get my family to sign the petition. My 80ish mom and dad were no problem. But my asshole older brother (so conservative he won't read the New York Times) just refused to sign. When I asked him why, he refused to say anything. That was the worst part. No "Gay sex is icky" or "Gay people are going to hell", just nothing. Nothing to go on, nothing to respond to, nothing other than pure hatred.

Oh well. No goodbye hugs from his gay/bi nieces then!
Feb 12, 2012 spudbeach commented on Stranger Tournament of Dunces, Match 4: Rep. Brad Klippert vs. Rep. Bill Hinkle.
Hinkle is especially nasty. His very philosophy would exclude all atheists from making our laws. But yet, we'd have to live under his. Since his source listened to somebody who once read a book by some guy who thought he heard an invisible man in the sky say something, I'm not allowed any input into gay marriage, abortion, contraception, anything?

Somehow, I can't buy into that.