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Jun 3, 2014 kuzibah commented on We Lost Someone Special During Last Night's Game of Thrones.
So, since Oberyn asked (ordered) a male prostitute to join in his mostly female orgy, that makes him a shining beacon of bisexuality? Over Jack Harkness, who had lengthy, deeply loving, and tender relationships with both sexes over the course of his life? And GoT is a bigger show than Doctor Who? (Depends who you talk to, really.) I guess that makes Ramsey Snow and Theon Greyjoy BDSM role models. And Robert Baratheon a positive example of polyamory. Sheesh.
Feb 3, 2014 kuzibah commented on Scientology's Creepy Super Bowl Ad.
I watched the whole game, and didn't see this, unless it was on during the pre-show. Did anyone else see it?
Sep 23, 2013 kuzibah commented on Ted Cruz, Smarmy Dick, Handed His Ass on Fox News Sunday.
Since nobody's pointed it out yet, if Cruz was born in Canada, he's not eligible to be President of the U.S. (That's why the "Birthers" are trying to prove Obama was born in another country.) Anyone urging him to run is either unaware of the constitutional requirements or Cruz's birthplace.
Aug 15, 2013 kuzibah commented on Required Viewing: People Destroying America.
One of the people said at the beginning of the piece, there are only about 400 in the town. That's why they support the mayor. They've all known him for years, maybe their whole lives, and know he is more than the pastor's gay stereotype. Very encouraging.
Jul 10, 2013 kuzibah commented on It Gets Better: Kevin Keller.
@1- I think they introduced a new character so he could be out from the get-go. I believe he came out to Jughead pretty much during his first scene. If an established character was revealed to be gay, that would be a very different dynamic ("I've known you for 70 years, Reggie. Why didn't you tell me?")
Dec 7, 2012 kuzibah commented on Love Makes a Family.
Let's take flan's hypothetical from another angle. If the law treated co-habitants as equal to a married couple under the law, that means the court could be involved every time a couple breaks up and one moves out. Right now, if a married couple does it, it's called divorce, and the court may have to be involved to divide property, debt, and so forth. If an unmarried couple separates, they work it out on their own. Could you see if the court had to be involved every time a couple that moved in together split up?
Sep 14, 2011 kuzibah commented on Straight Kids Bullied to Death By Gays.
It's the chirping crickets that are the perfect cherry on that.
Dec 3, 2010 kuzibah commented on Someday, Slog, and that day may never come, I'll call upon you to do a service for me....
Okay, voted.

Now, re: Women and The Godfather. My sister is a huge fan, so much so that my brother and I gave her a large framed print of the wedding portrait from the movie to her for HER wedding.

"May your first child be a masculine child."
Nov 11, 2010 kuzibah commented on A Very Special Episode of Glee.
I agree with Fnarf. If you're going to comment on a show, you should at least watch it. It's on Hulu, and would take about an hour of your time. No one's asking you to LIKE it, but lots of cultural commentators have to watch stuff they hate just so they can make intelligent commentary.
Sep 20, 2010 kuzibah commented on Where Are You Reading Slog?.
Boy, Kathy Bates looks like she's having the time of her life. Thanks so much for posting this.

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