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Jun 13, 2014 allegory commented on Why Can't Hillary Answer the Question?.
NO Obama did NOT bring the country along with him.

People's hearts and minds were changed because they got to KNOW LGBT people who were finally confident enough to live OUT. And of course, the generational shift.

And let's not forget people like Adam Lambert who single handedly changed the topic of conversation AND FORCED GLAAD to support him after being blackballed by major networks over his AMA performance in 2009. It even took that corrupt idiot Barrios FOUR press releases to get it "RIGHT".

Was GLAAAD "evolving" on two men kissing on TV?

Lastly, it's disgusting when you can applaud a corrupt politician for skillful LIES and can't even give someone like Tammy Faye Baker, a well known CHRISTIAN, props for being supportive of LGBT people DECADES before it was FASHIONABLE.

The LIAR is not always going to lie in your best interest. It just happened to be mutually beneficial THIS time.
Jun 12, 2014 allegory commented on Shit Is Going Down In Iraq.
@78 "to solve this problem we need to stop using oil".


Now what? Lay it all out there step by step.
Dec 7, 2013 allegory commented on It Is Not Time to Re-Evaluate George W. Bush.
The comparison is NOT that the stupid website didn't work vs Katrina. BTW Bush TOLD them to evacuate but the city did not.

The comparison is to Obama hijacking the healthcare in America based on a lie. He KNEW "if you like your plan, doctor you can keep it" was not true. But it's the only way he got it passed.

You may feel differently about that website, too, if all the people who thought they were signing up are found with no insurance at ALL in January based on that FUBAR.

I would expect the comparison to have been "WMD lies" versus "healthcare lies". Bush was called a liar for " believing" what the whole world AND Congress thought, while Obama just flat OUT LIED about what he was doing.
Jun 3, 2013 allegory commented on Watch Megyn Kelly Eviscerate Erick "Women Should Stay in the Kitchen" Erickson on Fox News.
How is it that not a single thing was mentioned about the actual study? Oh wait - nobody cared enough to read it.

"Women are not only more likely to be the primary caregivers in a family. Increasingly, they are primary breadwinners, too."

I realize it's much more rewarding to rant about Fox so do us all a favor and don't have any kids to be raised by the government.
May 8, 2013 allegory commented on The Homosexual Agenda.
I'm glad it's over, too. I live for Tammy but is there really NO PHOTO of JINKX now that she won. And had those 3 gorgeous garments for her crowning. Tell me I missed something.

Is the [anonymous] cover shot supposed to be the triumphant announcement? I thought that was the "War on Small Apartments" villain.

Yes, I'm aware that Jinkx hates verbosity in her fans. Sorry 'bout it :)
May 6, 2013 allegory commented on McGinn Spanks Seattle Times Editorialist Over Garbage Editorial on the City's Gender Wage Gap.
Actually, a woman wrote a book about this in the past year, and it pretty much boils down to (besides misogyny) women simply not negotiating, not asking, and accepting lower standards.
May 2, 2013 allegory commented on Something Something Jinkx Monsoon Something Something RuPaul's Drag Race!.
Jinkx chose to not deliver a speech a la Alaska and had she done so, the internet would be complaining "he's just acting". Which is all Alaska was doing. She could have perhaps mentioned her 8 consecutive Highs and no Lows prior to the candy episode, contrasted to Alaska's 5 Highs and 3 Lows..and that would have satisfied the so called requirements that were only casually mentioned by Gloria. But it was a choice, not a shortcoming, per se.

Regardless are we saying that Alaska in a black pants suit, black cocktail dress and recycled Raja hair garment is drag worthy? LOL really. Contrast to JInkx's fully realized Jinkx Monsoon character 16 year old Seattle teen and exec suit not to mention the homage to McQueen's antler runway that the judging panel pretended to NEVER having a clue about. If Mackie had no clue about McQueen antler runway, he's living circa Cher.

Those of you easily changing teams to Alaska based on one speech are interesting. You think Jinkx couldn't have pulled off a similar act if she had wanted to ? HA.

That being said I won't be surprised if World of Wonder gives it to Alaska. Easy choice with all the media, photographers and bars in place, a two for one with Sharon Needles and not having to follow Jinkx's theatrical career into areas they are unfamiliar with and too mainstream - like the Hairspray production.

But the viewers and fans are definitely team Jinkx. Each measurable media is heavily weighted in her favor. ie Tumbler reblogs from Logo's team Jinkx page surpass Alaska's by at least 25%, Jinkx's relatively new Facebook page is around 10,000 more "likes" than Alaska's pre Sharon Needles era Facebook.
Apr 9, 2013 allegory commented on Let the Tuesday Afternoon Jinkx Monsoon Fan Club Commence.
It gets tricky but I see where Sharon appears to be a glamour queen because she isn't really "performing" like Jinkx on mic (until her album hit). So here goes.

Sharon and Jinx are both Character Queens. Both have fully realized characters with back stories. When you interview them you know exactly what you're getting. Jinkx is going to mention something about her son stealing her outfit to go turn tricks for pot money and Sharon is going to mention something about burning a bible or whatnot. IF they're in character which they normally are. Sharon, lately has broken and merged with Sharon alot, though, as Aaron.

Chad and Coco are primarily character queens but they do specific characters so take them out - it's a high camp drag niche.

Sharon is a character queen with a political and underground style with irony and comedy injected. She sometimes does OTHER characters besides her own. She calls herself a transgressive artist.

Jinks is a character queen who slants her act towards comedy but also singing cabaret type performances with a level of seriousness. (She too sometimes will do another character besides Jinkx, like the God Warrior lady). This is how I've heard her describe her own drag.

Pandora and Mimi are both strictly comedy queens and Pandora adds stand up to that. Joke telling. While they sometimes do characters, they aren't called Character Queens.

So yes, Jinkx bringing a fully realized character AND singing, dancing. acting, standup, improv is totally new to RPDR and the total package. Props to Sharon for branching out with music but she's not exactly a singer, she just starting out learning how to do that. Also props to Raja for opening the door for Sharon, to Sharon for opening the door for Jinkx. The talent pool has been saturated with fashion/pageant queens and actual LIVE ACTS have been ignored on the show. Still today. I'd love to see that change eventually. Bring YOUR drag and do it, whatever it is.

Jinkx has a cabaret act of original music booked in NY this summer with her musical partner. Roxxxy will be lip synching at Escos in NY for dollars. /shade LOL
Apr 2, 2013 allegory commented on Ladies and Gentlemen, Jinkx Monsoon.
It takes 1-2 hours (if not more for some people) to do drag paint and hair. It also requires letting it sit and cook on one's face before blending and finishing. That's not including costume which can take a half hour start to finish.

She was there to do a show with 5 other drag performers consisting of 3 rotating numbers . You do the math. She was the only one with three performances and blew the roof off the house. In case you were curious.

Typical snark from internet people willfully missing the point just to feed their own ego. Was it more tiring to google the event than commenting? Nice to see the "swell of support" from the home town, tho. /sarc
Mar 30, 2013 allegory commented on Who Would Jesus Fire?.
What a mess. The law AND the article.

You wasted 3/4 of the article's "analysis" based on what one lawsuit's defendant is LIKELY TO claim in their answer?

"It seems likely that Providence will reference its WLAD exemption in its legal response, as is its right under state statute."

Likely to? Couldn't you use another case where it was ACTUALLY done if it's so common?

Protip: If you're going to pass a law (WLAD) offering broader protections than the 1964 Civil Rights Act or the Americans with Disabilities Act, maybe try and write the law properly.

After all, I'm sure the public has NO PROBLEM at all having their HIV pos surgical tech experience the "routine job hazard" of a needle prick while handling their instruments. Because EVERYONE is as ethical as Humphry right?

A one arm security guard? No problem. Of course that would disallow the job to even my APARTMENT BUILDING concierge who must be an ACTUAL certified security guard, not a clerk.

Yes HIV and strokes hurt. Operating enormous businesses properly with common sense controls is hard too. What hurts worse is moron politicians drafting laws WRONG for an entire state.

Oh and lawyers throwing in stupid allegations of race discrimination in a disability case is not helpful either. Or did Ockletree turn African American from the stroke?