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Knat is pretty sure we've all slipped into a "worst case scenario" parallel universe.
6:47 PM yesterday Knat commented on One Day at a Time.
Oh yeah, there used to be a Week In Review column in the Stranger. I used to enjoy those a lot. I'm glad someone's taking that up for Schmader(?) again.

The only correction I would suggest is striking that bit about the new iteration of Batman being tolerable. There is no joy to be found where Batfleck looms in the shadows.
9:51 AM yesterday Knat commented on Two Milo Reax Reax—One Long, One Short.
Reax Reax

I know it's just the blog portion of The Stranger, but Jesus Christ.
Feb 20 Knat commented on Milo Yiannopoulos: Girls Are In Danger When Adult Trans Women Use Public Toilets But 13-Year-Old Boys Can Benefit From Giving Head To Adult Males.
If Christopher Hitchens were to crawl out of his grave and choke the life out of Bill Maher for having the idiotic impulse to compare Milo to him in a positive light, the most surprising thing about the whole thing would be that Hitchens was wrong about there being no afterlife.

Larry Wilmore was in fine form and I agreed with everything he said. I wish they'd figured out a better format for The Nightly Show sooner, because that was really what killed them (in my opinion). This clip makes me wish it was still running.
Feb 20 Knat commented on Milo Yiannopoulos Gets Dropped from CPAC.
@15: I believe GermanSausage was referring to a piece by Rich Smith called "RETRACTION: Milo Yiannopoulos Is Not a White Nationalist." [link] where he commented multiple times without realizing that the point of the piece was not to defend him, but to give a laundry list of all the most awful things he'd done to others, under the guise of a retraction regarding how he'd been defined in a weeks-previous post. Apparently he still didn't pick up on the real message there, even after it was pointed out: Milo is a piece of shit and here's all the reasons why.
Feb 17 Knat commented on BANG! BANG! BANG! A Careful and Critical Analysis of John Wick: Chapter 2.
Erik, you totally overlooked the magic of Peter Stormare at the start of the film. For shame!

The first one is fun, but has a few plot holes, so it's easier to simply switch off your brain and enjoy. I saw the new one on Tuesday, and decided I preferred the first one more, but still had a good time. The audience does finally get to see the moves he can pull off with a Ticonderoga, but the best bit seemed to be involving the reload of a shotgun, or the trouble he has with the sumo-looking fellow.

I'll still go see the third one when it comes out (more of these types of self-aware action indulgence, less of the dross like Transformers and the Shades of Grey franchise, please), but I don't expect to be as wowed.
Feb 17 Knat commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Pioneer Square Man Shares His Feelings with Officers.
This validates all my prejudices about Pioneer Square.

It's also a pretty good example of the component aspects of Callan's style.
Feb 16 Knat commented on The President Is Insane.
I heard the quote about the administration being "a fine-tuned machine" on the radio as I was driving home, and I literally laughed out loud in response.

Holy shit, that bit about nuclear holocaust being "like no other." He sounds like a sixth grader trying to bluff his way through an oral report on a book he clearly didn't read, using stolen note cards that are not in order.
Feb 13 Knat commented on Release Date for Dear White People is Announced, Pisses off White Nationalists.
Netflix, you gotta stop. Please.

My queue is already a mile long, and I only have so many hours of free time in the evenings.
Feb 13 Knat commented on So You Want to Counter-Protest Abortion Clinic Protesters. Here's How to Do it Without Making Things Worse..
I still consider that article about those bottom-feeding "crisis centers" to be one of the best articles to come out of the Stranger.

I'm glad to see you're still working in journalism, Ms Burbank. Keep up the good work.
Feb 13 Knat commented on Thousands of Writers Slept Near Steve Bannon This Weekend: A Dispatch from AWP 2017.
So many great passages in this. My favorite was this one (which is probably an easy pick):

“From Ronald to Donald,” which, depending on your party affiliation, is either hagiography or trenchant political analysis.