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Knat is wishing the profile page would finally get fixed.
8:07 PM yesterday Knat commented on Presidential Debate: The Stranger's Live-Slog.
I liked the new format. I had to mute the tab because of the constant notification sound effects, but otherwise it was pretty good. I was also getting the multiple-post issue going on, but I assumed it was one of my extensions causing a problem. They would eventually correct themselves, so not that big of a deal. It's still certainly better than doing this via Twitter.
7:08 PM yesterday Knat commented on Gary Johnson Is a Moron (And If You Vote For Him, You Are Too).
@12, 42: You said everything I would have before I could, and at least as well as I could have. Well done.
11:12 AM yesterday Knat commented on Why You Should Be a Student Activist During Your Four Years in College.
Citing the Seattle University protests to justify your position seems a poor idea, when half (or more?) of the readership, and Dick Gregory, disagree with the very basis of that protest.
10:57 AM yesterday Knat commented on Clinton Predicts that Lying Liar Donald Trump Will Lie to the American People in Tonight's Debate.
"Excuse the Trump campaign if we don't feel like we can get a fair shake from certain people."

It's pretty rich for the campaign manager to say that, after she was forced to admit her candidate is a prejudicial ignoramus, all the while they are simultaneously pushing the idea that fact-checking = anti-Trump bias.
Sep 24 Knat commented on This Should Get All the Genius Awards.
I have to second Phoebe (first time for everything).
Sep 24 Knat commented on Five Dead in Shooting at Skagit County Mall, Police Still Searching for Shooter.
facts2supportURpoint has already proven he prefers narrative over facts, and if he is attempting facts, he doesn't bother with citations, making them suspect at best. Don't waste a lot of energy on him. Commentor Comltatus is an obvious troll. He prays for an opportunity just like this to upset everyone here. Ignore him.

Regarding the actual topic:

This is the first time I've heard of a mass shooter simply walking away after the crime. You don't get to shoot people in a busy public space and simply walk away from it afterward. Until this incident, anyway. I imagine the police chief is going to be fielding a lot of questions on how that happened.

My condolences to those that have lost loved ones, or have been otherwise scarred from this event. If the murder of a score of children, and a half dozen teachers, at Sandy Hook Elementary wasn't enough to get something to change, this won't be enough to do it. That's regrettable, to put it very lightly.
Sep 23 Knat commented on This Week on the Blabbermouth Podcast: Dan Savage on the Debates, Rich Smith on Millennials, and More!.
I really enjoyed this week's podcast. Probably because it was far more laid back and less serious than others, but regardless, it was fun listening to.

From @2's link on

...18-24 are young millennials, 25-35 are older millennials, 36-51 are Generation X, 52-70 are baby boomers, and those older than 70 are members of the silent generation or the greatest generation)

FUCK. That means I fall in the "millennial" generation, though just barely.
Sep 23 Knat commented on Where to Get Birth Control or an Abortion and How Much It Costs.
Not warning people away from (or at least mentioning the existence of) the Christian impostor centers - who would refute every statement in this piece, especially concerning abortion - feels like an oversight to me. I'm surprised this didn't make it to print, but for those reading online, it was a feature by Cienna Madrid and Megan Burbank back in 2011, and can be found [here].
Sep 22 Knat commented on Trump Clarifies He Was Just Opportunistically Trying to Get People to Stop Asking About the Birther Thing.
@3: A high-profile journalist and Clinton aide is pushing an agenda on a single reporter at one of Seattle's free alt-weekly papers. Yeah. That sounds like the most likely scenario, not that Frizzelle is particularly interested in not letting Trump off the hook so easily for a lie he's been peddling for 5+ years. Sure.
Sep 22 Knat commented on Hillary Clinton Sits Down With Zach Galifianackis On Between Two Ferns.
@9: I wasn't claiming it was original, but if it's true (as you imply), then I'm not sure how it could also be simultaneously "lame".

Differing opinions don't make me angry, really. The rise of social media has served as an echo chamber of self-reinforcement of inane, uninformed opinions, which does annoy me, yes. But in most cases, it's harmless, and easy enough to avoid if you don't use the platforms.

The fact that some people are still somehow unconvinced when the most blatantly unfit candidate in the history of the nation is the only other real choice from the eminently qualified (if not loved) candidate DOES make me angry though. (See the inanity/trolling of @12)