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Dec 21 Knat commented on The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: A Film Review in Three Parts: Part Three.
No whinging about the completely CGI Billy Connolly, eh? I'm surprised. When he first appeared, my wife leaned over and whispered, "Why did they make him completely CG?" and I had no answer. Then all the head-butting started, and we looked at each other and shrugged.
Dec 10 Knat commented on SL Letter of the Day: Some Ladies Hate Their Labia—And That's Okay—Plus ALL CAPS Oral Rage!.
I'm not in the business of kicking down bedroom doors and screaming "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!" at couples...

I would like to say that I would totally watch a show where you did, but I have never found the time to check out Savage U, so it would be very hypocritical of me. I still think it would be great though.
Dec 10 Knat commented on What Do You Think of Pixar's New Inside Out Trailer?.
All these themes were already explored in the Incredibles, and with more apparent subtlety and depth. (For instance, just in the dinner table scene.) This looks like a lazier take on the same topics, though I trust it will be profitable and thus make the Mouse happy either way. I'm still a big fan of Pixar, but they don't have the Midas Touch anymore.
Dec 10 Knat commented on Rick Santorum Is So Totally Running for President.
I'm guessing SB's reference to Grayson is Rep. Alan Grayson? He's the guy who quite accurately summarized the GOP healthcare plan a few years ago. Or maybe it's some obscure figure that he holds in high regard that history has forgotten for good reason. Or maybe it's someone that only SB can see and hear.
Dec 4 Knat commented on Here's the Trailer for Terminator Genisys, Which Is Definitely a Terminator Movie.
Khaleesi channels Linda Hamilton damn well. I find both attractive for different reasons, so watching this might make me go into a meltdown.
Nov 29 Knat commented on Attention Pregnant Alderwood Shoppers.
They don't even offer information on adoption services?! That completely undercuts any "sanctity of life" arguments they might make.

[...checks site for verification...]

Well, it's rather hard to say, really. Either they are completely incompetent and lazy, or they don't want to provide such information and are content to appear incompetent and lazy in order to avoid it. Because their page for adoption services doesn't provide any information on its own, and links to a "Page not found" on another (pretty Christian-looking) site instead, which just jerks you around too.

Or someone could get in touch with Planned Parenthood and avoid all that insanity, of course.
Nov 25 Knat commented on You Can Go See the New Star Wars Trailer at Regal Thornton Place on Friday.
There is a surprising saturation of troubling images, sounds, and lines of dialogue in that trailer. But back then we all saw what we wanted to see: the excitement of a new Star Wars movie. We didn't see what we were actually shown.
Nov 25 Knat commented on Ho-Ho-Holy Shit: Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas Is Fucking INSANE!.
Was Photoshop used to lessen or enhance Kirk Cameron's increasing resemblance to Hoggle, you think? Either way, they didn't quite go far enough.
Nov 21 Knat commented on Obamacare Still Can't Catch a Break.
Thanks for the links, rob! You're a very measured and helpful voice on this topic, and I vaguely recall you responded similarly the last time I grumped about this stuff. Much appreciated.

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