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Jun 11, 2014 mikelapointe commented on New Column!.
Satire may be appropriate when speaking about many of the political figures and other personalities in the public eye. But this is beyond the pale even for the Stranger. This woman and all the supporters who are struggling to make a better world for all the people, do not need this type of visceral article coming on the heels of the most significant and long overdue victory for the working people, who are the heart and soul of our country. Post all this crap you want in some rag magazine but if you want to continue to be recognized as a paper where the truth is spoken, stick to real news and take real stands, not with personalities of grass roots movements, but with people who are the movement... or be left in the dust like the Seattle Times.
Mike Lapointe
Independent Congressional Candidate
District 2.
Nov 27, 2013 mikelapointe commented on Kshama Sawant's Brash Style Catapulted Her to Victory.
I think Kshama would like the spotlight to be less on her and more on the platform that drew people to vote for her. Don't expect her to pick a fight with any council members. But when it comes to representing those who put her into office she will not yield. Remember it was frustration with the establishment and the hope for change that catapulted her ahead of Conlin. And that hope will not be betrayed.Those who worked her campaign are not your typical political operatives. They are people fighting for democracy as it should be in our Country. Their motives are for a community united against the powers of corporate interests who bring nothing to the table but their own selfish wants. They know Kshama is an intelligent, articulate woman who will bring a much needed presence to the council. But they are not naive enough to believe that she alone will bring about the change we need. The victory of her campaign was hand delivered by an engaged electorate finally beginning to understand the strength they can muster to fight back against the powers that be. In the type of democracy that candidates like Kshama propose it is not enough to win the day. Every day that follows is another challenge. The old guard political party's and moneyed interests are plotting against her before she has even logged her first day in office.The challenges and attacks that will be mounted against Kshama will succeed without the ongoing support of the working men and women of Seattle. Her term is much more about them then it is about Kshama. So continue paying attention, stay involved and make Kshama's proposals and arguments in the council be the ones you echo on the street. All we have is our voice and we need to spread it around till it is a thunderous roar that cannot be ignored. Remember, no one said democracy was easy but it is worth it!!!
Sep 19, 2013 mikelapointe commented on Kshama Sawant Is Providing the Only Excitement in the General Election Campaign.
If you want to be the frog in water in the frying pan than vote Conlin. Everything will get worse just slow enough that you don't notice it till it’s too late. We can't just elect these same people and hope they get the job done while we sit in our recliners thinking we voted and our job is done. Kshama will be the start of a type of leadership we need. But make no mistake, it is the voters who have to send the message that not only do we support Kshama, we are there to back her up by spreading the word before the election and by backing up the platform she is running on after the election.
Conlin likes to say everyone gets a chair at the table. And that is all we get, a damn chair. Those who own the real estate or run the railroads that will carry coal, and other special interests, hand over the money, Conlin takes it, and they get what they want. He pulls back the plush chairs they sit in and as far as us having a seat at the table he just points to the folding chairs and says grab one. The appearance of representation is all he offers. He hasn't done his job...for us. Time to go!
Aug 14, 2013 mikelapointe commented on The Unbearable Smugness of Richard Conlin.
Is that all Conlin has? WOW! The word "petty" seems too weak in explaining his remarks. Desperate is perhaps more accurate, as the reality of the impressive number of votes Kshama received is setting in. But this admittedly interesting twisting of reality and childishness taking place on Conlin's website is but a distraction he may be hoping will divert attention from the real issues. That is why there needs to be a lot of debate between these two candidates. Serious questions, directly answered, that show who these people are, what they hope to accomplish and why their ideas are the ones in the best interest of Seattle. Sawant is a more than able opponent and will do a stellar job as a council member. And I say that as a peson not easily impressed by any politician. Don't take my word alone. And do not pre judge this womans chances. It is time for a new face and a new direction that benefits us all. If you hear her speak you will know hers is that correct direction in which to go! It is not often our votes truly bring about needed change. But in this council election you have that opportunity. Please take it! Vote Sawant!
Mar 14, 2013 mikelapointe joined My Stranger Face
Mar 14, 2013 mikelapointe joined My Stranger Face
Mar 14, 2013 mikelapointe commented on Socialist on the Ballot.
Kshama put herself out there to draw attention to the corrupt system we are now stuck with. Can we please not count her out before she gets in the ring. And please stop the name calling. Agree with socialism or not,you got to admit it didn't get us into the mess we have now.

Kshama can hold her own in a debate. Frank Chopp knows that very well. She will impress those who will follow this election. Not for the ideology but the truth she will repeat over and over. That being, the most needy are not represented and are the ones suffering the most from the hijacking of our democracy. It will be interesting.