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Jun 5, 2012 Aly commented on SL Letter of the Day: She Wasn't Fine—And You Knew It.
@28 It's quite possible to read into people's tone, body language, etc. The LW obviously knew his partner was not okay with the situation. He didn't have to "read her mind" to do that.

In all honesty, one should be able to tell if a partner (or a family member, close friend) is uncomfortable even if they don't say so. It's something that generally just gets picked up on by spending time with that person.
Apr 24, 2012 Aly commented on Savage Love.
@8 I think it might be more likely that she's asexual, but unaware that the notion of it even exists, than she's either of the two options you presented.

If she's never been into masturbating, it's likely that she only has sex with partners because it's assumed that sex is part of a relationship, even though she doesn't enjoy it.

Of course, we don't really know much more about this woman than the limited information her partner provides.
Mar 16, 2012 Aly commented on Taking Care of Business (Everyday!). I had this beauty stuck onto my door when I lived in dorms. It was amusing, but obviously fake, both from the content and the clearly taped-on-then-photocopied signature.
Mar 15, 2012 Aly commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Squeaky Wheel.
Speaking from some experience, people who are ridiculously dirty and messy generally won't classify themselves as that. Being a person who is incredibly clean that has lived with 17 different roommates over the past 20 months (not all at the same time) out of whom I'd only live with two or three, I require any partner whom I'd live with and spend my life with to meet a certain standard. I don't feel like it's that ridiculous not to want to have a life partner that only makes you frustrated when you come home every day.
Mar 12, 2012 Aly commented on The Wifi Login Page Lady at My Hotel Is Giving Me a Big Sad.
@14 I'm going broke this summer for a nice Zenbook. I wish it were only $350 :(
Feb 27, 2012 Aly commented on SL Letters of the Day: Feedback, We Get Feedback....
I'm confused... How do people who are already dead give consent to baptism?
Feb 15, 2012 Aly commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
I'm going to be rather arrogant and say that I'd probably do a much better or equivalent job teaching my (hypothetical) children science and math, but I can't imagine the effort it would take for me to teach all of the material that they would receive at a school. It would take up far too much of my time and put all of my effort so far to waste (I'm not working hard at school to give up my dream career and be a homeschooling housewife).

On a side note, if I have children, I'm totally putting up blackboards around my house for us to do math on. It will be the best house ever.
Feb 14, 2012 Aly commented on Google Briefly Acknowledges the Existence of Gay Couples—and Princess/Frog Couples—on Valentine's Day.
@29 I'm pretty sure that there's a line in the bible which says that it's a sin to have cookies that are soggy with milk. Either way, it's pretty gross. Not that I'm against it, or anything.
Feb 14, 2012 Aly commented on Google Briefly Acknowledges the Existence of Gay Couples—and Princess/Frog Couples—on Valentine's Day.
@3 I don't have any personal issues with milk and cookies, but the Bible clearly states that it's a sin for them to be together.
Feb 8, 2012 Aly commented on It's a Kinky Comic Version of the "Pina Colada Song".
I love Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal :D