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Nov 14 Algernon commented on King County’s Proposed Cuts to Department of Public Defense Threatens a Crucial Safety Net.
#11 says: "should probably wait until someone is convicted before calling them perpetrators." Indeed. Perhaps The Stranger, and the same reporter, should pay attention:…
Oct 31 Algernon commented on The Morning News: A Teenage Girl on Her Cell Phone Ended Yesterday's Amber Alert in Just One Minute.
Supreme Court's rape decision is not a big deal in practice. For years the Court held that the defense had to prove consent; now the state has to disprove it. But state always had to prove forcible compulsion, so defense lawyers would try their case based upon the latter which really is the same thing, at least for purposes of rape first degree.
Oct 10 Algernon commented on Why the Hell Is a Disbarred Lawyer Allowed to Run for State Supreme Court?.
Judicial candidates, including sitting judges, duck behind the Code of Judicial Conduct to avoid saying anything of value, but it's disingenuous. The Supreme Court has said that judicial candidates have First Amendment rights:

The Minnesota Supreme Court's canon of judicial conduct prohibiting candidates for judicial election from announcing their views on disputed legal and political issues violates the First Amendment.

Republican Party of Minnesota v. White, 536 U.S. 765, 788, 122 S. Ct. 2528, 2542, 153 L. Ed. 2d 694 (2002).

That doesn't mean that judicial candidates should make their views known. But claiming they cannot is untrue.
Oct 7 Algernon commented on Municipal Court Candidate Says He Returned Money from DUI Lawyers.
CJE was formerly managed by Mary Ann Ottinger, a former judge who twice was punished by the Commission on Judicial Conduct for not honoring the right to counsel and taking pleas from unrepresented criminal defendants without an adequate waiver of counsel, and who was previously married to Steve Hayne, same lawyer who is now married to the candidate challenging a sitting judge who is endorsed by DUI pac.
Jun 26 Algernon commented on Your Big Sodas Are Safe from the Clutching Paws of the Nanny State.
N.Y. Supreme Court is a trial court.
Mar 18 Algernon commented on Wonkette Drops the Snark to Beg Bernie Sanders to Run for President.

Per Sen. Sanders' web page, "Bernie Sanders was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2006 after serving 16 years in the House of Representatives. He is the longest serving independent member of Congress in American history."

Independent ≠ Democrat.

Again: Nader. Bush. Florida. Iraq. 4000 dead soldiers and a whole lot more dead Iraqis.

Mar 18 Algernon commented on Wonkette Drops the Snark to Beg Bernie Sanders to Run for President.
Nader. Bush. Florida. Iraq. 4000 dead soldiers and a whole lot more dead Iraqis.
Mar 4 Algernon commented on Build This Gondola, Too.
Ooo, let's create this special non-elected bunch of people to tax us and build the gondolas because we don't want politicians messing with this thing because, ummm, oh, right. Monorail. Nevermind.
Feb 18 Algernon commented on Masmari Pleads Not Guilty at Arraignment.
"watched a man in orange, chained and handcuffed at the waist, receive his sentence—reduced bail"

Guy hasn't "receive[d] his sentence." That happens after someone is found guilty. Journalists might spend a moment learning how the system works.

Feb 11 Algernon commented on Governor Inslee Suspends the Death Penalty in Washington State.
Wimpy decision. So Inslee won't watch anyone be killed by the state on his watch but the next governor can do what s/he wants.

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