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Mar 15, 2013 mshults99 commented on So What You're Saying Is That No One Should Be Monogamous?.
Took me a while, but I read through most of these, looking for even one post that attempted to present or reference a cogent counter-argument to the S@D line of reasoning. The S@D present their evidence with verifiable references. Yes, it isn't 'scientific', since anything of this sort is speculative, and we're not dealing with dropping balls off of the tower of Pisa here (which Galileo never actually did, by the way).

So, is there counter-evidence to the assertion that penises are evolved to produce a vacuum in order to get a head start on competing sperm? There seems to be emerging confirmation that female reproductive biochemistry is indeed autonomously selective with respect to sperm choices. Sperm counts and testicle sizes are in fact falling.

Those are among the specific points of evidence in the book. Dismissing them as 'pop-sci' is convenient, but not compelling. Newton's "Principia Mathematica" was dismissed as 'pop-sci' by some in its day. Where is the fact-based counter-evidence from the fairy-tale theorists of evolutionary psychology? Anyone?

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