Apr 28, 2010 Ashish commented on Savage Love.
White text on a black shirt is not good enough! The column is illustrated with those great Joe Newton drawings and The Stranger has plenty of willing graphic artists around. I demand colourful tees (and overseas shipping).
Mar 18, 2010 Ashish commented on New Between Two Ferns, with Ben Stifler!.
Im not familiar with the show, is it staged? Its depressing to think that Mr Stiller could have gone on Extras and then failed to comprehend this.
Nov 25, 2009 Ashish commented on Boy-Nerds Offended by Cootie-Ridden "Girl" Movie.

Another good article on Male nerd outrage at New Moon.
Oct 28, 2009 Ashish commented on Lawrence Halprin, R.I.P..
The Mudede peice was fucking fantastic. What an amazing and terrible idea.
Oct 14, 2009 Ashish commented on Making a Difference in People's Lives, One Art-Rape at a Time.
Would it not still be rape, if after entering the tunnel you then did not consent to sex with the artist? I think so. Otherwise, totally spot on.
Sep 12, 2009 Ashish commented on Baad to the Bone.
Stephan Aust's book (which the film was based upon) is well worth reading if you found the film interesting. The history of the RAF is filled bizarre and horrific details to equal the PLO training segments discussed above. Example: during the second 'wave' of the RAF many of the recruits were ex asylum patients who believed that their mental illness was directly caused by capitalist society.
Sep 10, 2009 Ashish commented on Two Unrelated Bits of Book News: Private Dicks and Hideous Dicks.
I am hopeful about Brief Interviews, although the trailer seems to be pushing the comedic angle more than I'd expected.
Aug 20, 2009 Ashish commented on What The Hell Am I Doing In LA?.
Congratulations. This sounds like an excellent idea.
Aug 20, 2009 Ashish commented on Today in Nerd.
I thought the Avatar trailer looked bad. Boring mech army guys, boring alien tribes people. This could be going in a bad direction. However, obviously a teaser trailer is no evidence at all, so I hope it turns out I'm wrong.