Oct 15, 2012 NJMatt commented on SL Letter of the Day: Word of Mouth.
To quote TR: "peak softly and carry a big stick."
Apr 19, 2011 NJMatt commented on SL Letter of the Day: Round Up, Round Down, Or Refuse to Round At All.
@6 Margin of error.
Mar 5, 2011 NJMatt commented on Jobs Numbers Up, Prospects for American Workers Still Down.
This is not analysis. This is pandering. Shame on the Stranger for indulging in the mindless claptrap it so deftly criticizes the GOP for.
Mar 1, 2011 NJMatt commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Move Over Charlie Sheen, It's John Galliano's Turn....
Max makes a good point. Little silly to end someone's career over a drunken rant. It's not like he's actually a neo-Nazi.
Feb 21, 2011 NJMatt commented on I, Anonymous.
@5 I think that's a little extreme...
Feb 3, 2011 NJMatt commented on I, Anonymous.
Oct 9, 2010 NJMatt commented on Stay Classy, China.
My guess is most Chinese who have heard of him will find a reason to dislike Liu Xiaobo. Probably they are highly ambivalent, as in the case of Tiananmen. It's sad, but most "Western" criticism gets drowned out by Chinese chauvinism. At least it felt that way when I was there. But maybe it's changing now? Any sloggers in China?
Aug 5, 2010 NJMatt commented on More Sorrows For Larry Fishburne: God Is Not Mad At His Daughter For Doing A Porn Movie.
Charles, are you ironic a lot more often than commenters give you credit for? Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm just not smart enough to pick up on the dead-pan.
Jun 14, 2010 NJMatt commented on The Relevant Question.
May 4, 2010 NJMatt commented on Rape Victim "Collaborated" With Rapist.
All true. But it's not up to the defense to prove it was consensual, but rather up to the prosecution to prove otherwise.