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Feb 11, 2016 easternwawoman commented on Get Ready for the Right-Wing Backlash Over Washington's New Transgender Bathroom Policy.
So my understanding is that there is no longer male and female restrooms, in practice. As a female, I can go into a men's restroom if I see "a hot guy" go in or the female restroom is full and I do not want to wait. While I understand the transgender usage, I am thinking that this new usage by anyone is truly the case, yes?
Jun 1, 2009 easternwawoman commented on “This Is Probably Our Opponents’ Worst Nightmare”.
The homosexual activists strive to impose changes in laws, customs,morals and mentalities, so that homosexuality is not only tolerated but also accepted as good and normal. It is not enough for people to say that we respect all people but now we must also go a step further and proclaim that homosexuality is, I repeat, good and normal.

It is not good. It is not normal.

But that does not mean that homosexuals, heterosexuals, the elderly, children, the physically challenged or anyone should be treated meanly.

It seems to me that in our quest for liberty for all that we are concurrently choosing to say that right and wrong do not exist and that morality is now something that should be put on a shelf to gather dust.

God help us.