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Jun 6, 2009 CeCilios Woman commented on To Know Us Is To Love Us.
Lets see, I have gay friends and my aunt and two of my cousins are gay. I love them very much, but I still feel that marriage is between a man and a woman.
Jun 4, 2009 CeCilios Woman commented on Because Screaming "Die, Bigot, Die!" Will Only Get You So Far....
I said we are all born hetero, some chose to remain that way some chose to become homo. No I am not attracted to women. I am attracted to my fiancé, and only to him. See the thing is I can state EXACTLY why I am attracted to him. He is kind, honest, careing, his eyes light up when he sees me, he tells me several times a day how much he loves me and can't wait to spend his life with me, he loves kids(has 2 from first marriage), he has an ass to die for, and gives me everything I need(in and out of the bedroom). that is why I love him and am attracted to him. Funny you can't explain why you are sexually attracted to your husband, most women can. hmmmmm
Jun 2, 2009 CeCilios Woman commented on Positively Spokane.
Does the man need to be punished? yes. Are those whom he may have infected also responsible? Yes. This is a case(wont hear me say it often), but this is a case where the "victim" is just as much to blame as the accused.
Jun 2, 2009 CeCilios Woman commented on Because Screaming "Die, Bigot, Die!" Will Only Get You So Far....
Funny how you chose to focus on that part of what I said. Lets see I have an aunt who was straight, then gay, married to a man,then gay now I think she is straight again. Can you expain that one? And yes I do CHOSE to remain a heterosexual just like you chose to be homosexual.
Jun 2, 2009 CeCilios Woman commented on Who Are the Bigots in Your Neighborhood?.
I have no problems with blacks(my uncle is black so is my cousins husband) dont have a problem with liberals(my dad was one) I have a problem with the as I said, gays, blacks, liberals and so on who like to think that anyone who disagrees is a biggot. Womens rights, well i am a woman, but i do not think that abortion should be legal except in cases of rape or the mothers life is in danger. Using it as a method of birth control is unacceptable. I do not wish any person to be murdered, or harmed just for his or her beliefs(im a lousy speller, sue me). The presumption that I would wish physical harm on someone for that reason is most offensive. Imagine a world where we can speak our views and opinions without those who disagree resorting to name calling.
Jun 2, 2009 CeCilios Woman commented on Because Screaming "Die, Bigot, Die!" Will Only Get You So Far....
I do not have to, I was like everyone else born heterosexual. i chose to stay that way, some people chose to be homosexual. Funny the argument you would use about how you cannot help who you are attracted too is the same thing that rapists and pedophiles use. I guess they were just born that way.
Jun 2, 2009 CeCilios Woman commented on Who Are the Bigots in Your Neighborhood?.
Actually, come out, dramatic things did happen as a result of making public the names of those who donated to prop 8. Because of gay "rights' activists some people lost their jobs. People were threatened(forgive my spelling), as i just said lost jobs. I call that dramatic. I would have no problem with my personal information put online except for the fact that I live with my disabled mother and 7 year old nephew. I do not want these fanatic gay activists to threaten or intimidate them. I will be signing the petiton as soon as I see someone gathering signatures. People do not want equal rights for gays, they want special rights. Funny how whenever people disagree with gays or blacks or liberals they are branded as biggots, but if you are gay or black or liberal you are just fighting for what is right.
Jun 1, 2009 CeCilios Woman commented on Because Screaming "Die, Bigot, Die!" Will Only Get You So Far....
Two men or two women cannot have a biological child. One of them can, but not both. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it cannot happen. Also, being gay, is a choice no matter how you want to look at it.
Jun 1, 2009 CeCilios Woman commented on O They Will Know We Are Christians....
I am a pro-life Christian. I am totally appauled by what happened to the Dr. This was an extreme case. Most of us pro-lifers do not advocate taking the life of an abortion Dr just to stop abortions. it makes no sence. I find it a little comical that all of you who are pro-choice chose to call people like me anti-choice. maybe I should just start calling you anti-life, sound fair?
Jun 1, 2009 CeCilios Woman commented on This Is Why There's No Room for "Common Ground".
YOu are a stupid moron. I am saying that the effects of having a child born of rape can be and often times are psychological and horrible on a woman. You would never, no matter why find me haveing one. But, if like my mother you are haveing one because you have 2 small children and if have this third baby you will die, I can understand that. A fetus is a child, a human life. And abortion is not a difficult dicision for all women. There are many many women out there you use abortion as birth control. That is totally wrong. And for everyone who thinks that if abortion was illegal women would be dying from back ally aborotions, the "safe legal" on my mom had almost killed here. She lost so much blood and got the worst infection the ER dr. had seen in his 25 years practicing. They gave her the strongest antibiotic they had, and still were not sure if she would live. YOU ARE pro-abortion, I am not Anti-choice, I am anti-abortion. And I am sorry if a woman gets pregnant and does not want the baby, but the father of that baby does, she should have to have the baby. It would not kill her to take care of her body for nine months, have the baby, give it to his or her dad then mommy can go back to being an immoral whore.