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TomJohnsonJr is wondering which of his clothes might be age-inappropriate.
Sep 16, 2015 TomJohnsonJr commented on The Last Days Crisis Is Over (for Me).
You have been a ROCK for us'ns. Thankee sir.
Sep 15, 2015 TomJohnsonJr commented on The Seattle Police Department Fires Officer Cynthia Whitlatch.
Thanks for such good reporting on this throughout.
Jul 15, 2015 TomJohnsonJr commented on Word of the Day.
The internet suggests the seller bought into the co-op six years ago, when he was still founding guitarist of a band that was doing pretty well (and still is, playing the Block Party this year). He doesn't seem to be with the band any more. He recently crossed into his thirties and now has a new baby. He works bar at one of Linda's upscalier new places. I can imagine that if he sells for the full $255K he's asking, whatever part of that is profit might go into finding more elbow room than the 600 square foot co-op in which to raise the kid. I wish him and his family the very best.
Jul 6, 2015 TomJohnsonJr commented on In Music News: Russell Wilson and Ciara NOT Having Sex, Grohl's High Designs, Seattle Resident in Rihanna's New Video.
Back when that megachurch pastor, former NFL player Miles McPherson, was fighting Prop 8 in California, Media Matters included him among what they called "Glenn Beck's Anti-Gay Army of God"."…

His church's website indicates he still runs a crypto-gay-conversion outreach called "Overcoming Same Sex Attraction" despite California having outlawed the therapeutic version. Sigh.

"Q. Are you a gay affirming ministry? A. No"…
Jun 17, 2015 TomJohnsonJr commented on Goldfinch Tavern and Rachel's Ginger Beer Open, Charlie's on Broadway Is Closing, Beacon Hill Getting Its Own Brewery.
@5, next Slog Happy at Boondocks Sundeckers & Greenthumbs! (Funny, thinking of that place reminded me the son of Boondocks' owner just used daddy's money to open Sam's Tavern at 11th & Pike.)
Jun 16, 2015 TomJohnsonJr commented on The City Was Taking a Deep Breath Before It Screamed for 20 Years.
I am RACING to find this book right now. Thank you.
Jun 16, 2015 TomJohnsonJr commented on Update: The Property Manager Who Booted Edge of the Circle Books Says Decision was "Tough".
Man, if my landlord put me on a month-to-month lease I would try to keep my bags packed at all times.

I confess that since the day it opened I've been trotting past Mr. Anderson's Edge of the Circle without once being tempted to go in. It's always been a thing to pass on my way to Video Vertigo (aged scenester reference), Martin-Zambito (RIP Christian Martin Hoff), Babeland, Hiney Hole (typo but I like it), Ayutthaya, etc. Supernatural retail has just never appealed to me, whether mystical or Christian. (Does the Ave still offer spaces for occult shops?) So if Babeland were to move a few yards down to that highly visible Boylston corner spot I would be very happy for them.

The owner/manager folks do live on the hill, too, in the same leafy bit Dan and Terry do between Volunteer Park and St. Joe's. (Much as I admire the writer's “I hear y'all not from hereabouts" question.) But their business is to attract investors, maybe even from NEW YORK CITY or even FOREIGN LANDS, so nothing guarantees they might not make an unpleasing tenant choice. Fingers crossed they don't go off the deep end.

And what about that big retail right across Boylston from Edge of the Circle where Dr. Jen recently called it quits, muttering some bullshit about our new mimimum wage laws forcing her to pay Ph.Ds too much? Any word on what might go in there?
May 29, 2015 TomJohnsonJr commented on This Is the Most Ridiculous Letter to the Editor We've Received All Day.
T shirt on or off, with the work he's put in the last decade or so Dan has become very well-armed indeed.
May 20, 2015 TomJohnsonJr commented on Good Morning—Oh Hey Look, It's the Most Beautiful Stranger Cover of All Time.
You longtime readers above are doing the institutional memory very proud indeed. This week's cover is definitely the best they've managed since last year's Masthead Red Wedding.
May 6, 2015 TomJohnsonJr commented on Joss Whedon Quits Twitter.
Twitter's a joy for all the trusted users who keep tossing up links to great reading. And it's made it easy to keep track of former Stranger staffers and commenters.