Sep 22, 2010 Peggy commented on Where Are You Reading Slog?.
Cool! That photo reminds me of The Daily Dish's View From Your Window.
Jun 1, 2010 Peggy commented on Ten Random Thoughts From Chicago.
May 14, 2010 Peggy commented on Junior Homophobes Enjoy Responsible Gaming.
My son was a Cub Scout for one year. It was awful, for about two months it was all about the popcorn sales. When we moved to NC from IL the pack leader suggested we look up census records to get a "feel" for the neighborhood. Nice, huh? Scouting is alive and well down here.
Apr 27, 2010 Peggy commented on Slog's New Mascot?.
Seeing as it's not me, what I want to know is do you refer to it as The Slog or just Slog?
Apr 27, 2010 Peggy commented on Maybe You Should've Thought About How Your State Was Still Reeling From The Recession....
@3 I love the God put me in this job line. I swear, I thought some guy who goes by POTUS put her in that job by taking away the evil Napolitano.

I noticed the Gubner was reading from a teleprompter after she signed that law. Does that make her un-American and a socialist? I think it does, and I for one would like to see her birth certificate.

Goodbye AZ, we hardly knew ye.
Apr 1, 2010 Peggy commented on Census! Due Today!.
Ha! Several cities in MN are in the top 50, what's Michelle Bachman to do?
Mar 30, 2010 Peggy commented on Barack Obama Has a Deep-Seated Hatred of White People....
How long 'til John Boehner and Sarah Palin ask for a bailout?
Mar 8, 2010 Peggy commented on Headline of the Day.
It was a play on the awful Chik-fil-a chain. They have cows all over holding signs that say "Eat mor chikin" get it? Just be glad you don't have them in Seattle, because the food is terrible.
Feb 23, 2010 Peggy commented on Glenn Beckwatch: "I Went to the Library, Where Books Are Free".
Mmm, polar bear for lunch. 2 is right he crossed the L.
Feb 19, 2010 Peggy commented on Liberals Are Ugly Cocaine Users Who Can't Speak in Complete Sentences.
I thought speaking in complete sentences like Sarah Palin was only for the liberal elites.

Selective memory lapse here, GWB did lots of cocaine.