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Sep 20 collectivism_sucks commented on The Morning News: #BlockTheBunker Activists Shut Down City Council Meeting, Demand No New Cops or Jails.
Okay, is white supremacy alive and well in America? YES. Are the police too often used as a tool of said state sponsored white supremacy? YES. Should we work to fight things like the war on drugs (i.e., a war on minorities) prison labor, the school to prison pipeline? YES.
But, is flipping out over hiring police officers at all the answer? ahhh...NO! Why not demand that more minority police be hired and that Seattle invest in body cams before investing in new jails or precincts? That would make sense and no one in their right mind would be against that. But just shooting like a bunch of buffoons at the two members of council who agree with you is not the answer.
People like this are basically a recruitment tool for the Trump campaign.
And when the hell is the Stranger going to talk about the prison strike? Come on! Why not actually talk about the story the mainstream press is all but ignoring completely:…
Aug 19 collectivism_sucks commented on Secure Scheduling Is Seattle's Next Big Labor Fight.
My only HUGE concern is this: if it is worded this vaguely, it will mean no workers can ever work a double shift. Sure, they could in theory, but no employer is going to pay them $22.50/hour. As long as it is worded so "clopening" refers only to closing at night and being back in the morning, that's fine, otherwise a lot of people are going to get screwed. When I worked at a restaurant I preferred to work double: I come in, work lunch, have an hour or so to eat and use my laptop at Starbucks, and come back and work dinner. I worked that for three days and had the rest for school and what not. As it sounds from this and other articles, it is just worded "every shift must have 10 hours between them or it is overtime," which is asinine without being more specific.

Sure, make scheduling predictable, make "clopening" happen less and all, but give workers to option to work doubles and pick-up shifts.
Jun 12 collectivism_sucks commented on 50 Dead In Worst Mass Shooting in US History — Gunman Opened Fire In Crowded Gay Nightclub In Orlando.
First, this is fucked up. My heart goes out to the victims who did NOTHING to deserve this.

Second, before we blame Islam, religion in general, guns, Fox News, Trump, whatever, remember this shit cuts both ways:…

The problem is simple: violence. Violence used for any means aside from defense or to secure freedoms when there is no other choice is the only time violence is justified. I don't care what your politics are, just don't resort to aggression in a free society. It achieves nothing.
Jun 12 collectivism_sucks commented on The Audition.

Don't let people "just be themselves"...okay, so we should now make every socially awkward male a suspect? Really? And I am sure NONE of the genuinely sweet, outgoing nice and popular guys in your town EVER did anything. Because funny, social men are NEVER creepers *cough*Bill Cosby*cough*

Yeah, if someone is being genuinely creepy, as in touching on someone or saying things that are just nasty, that is one thing, but if a guy just lacks social skills 9 out of 10 he just lacks social skills. There are plenty of nice people on the Autism Spectrum, for example, who should not be made to feel like rape suspects because of people like this asshole.
Jun 12 collectivism_sucks commented on The Audition.
So if a man sleeps with a woman, has her cock in her, and halfway through she FINALLY undoes her top and he sees she has a wonder bra, is that rape? Because hey, he would never have slept with her if he knew she had small boobs.
Or if a really convincing drag queen has oral sex on a man, and afterwards he finds she's not a woman, is that rape? After all, he would have never let her go down on him if he knew it was drag.
BUT, I can see how using the promise of a job to get sex is criminal. Is just think a law worded that vaguely could have bad consequences.
May 20 collectivism_sucks commented on Seattle Trump Supporters Gather in a Top-Secret Location.
@9 who ever this "Libertarian" guy "Dirk" is, he's a LINO (Libertarian in name only) Trump is the exact opposite of what a Libertarian is. Trump is an AUTHORITARIAN by nature. If the author of this article was honest she would have said that a vast majority of Libertarians are against Trump and the number 1 "nevertrump" alternative is a former Republican who realized what most Libertarians now realize: that it's time to jump ship and let the fascists have the GOP.
Next time, find some local Gary Johnson supporters and see what the real Libertarians are like. Shit, more libertarians are Bernie supporters than Trump supporters.
@17 let's be honest: there are assholes who would throw bricks in the windows of a Trump office in Seattle, mostly "black block" anarchists. I hate that fascist, corporatist piece of shit too, but violence is almost never the answer.
Feb 22 collectivism_sucks commented on Why Even Some Washington State Republicans Are Scared of Donald Trump.
Remember when the Liberals were calling Rand Paul the worst thing ever? Paul Constance had an article a day almost about how much Rand Paul sucked. And now you have Trump...

Anyway, yes, Trump is a douchebag and yes I would vote for anyone, ANYONE over Trump, even Bernie Sanders. But the issue is, you need to understand why he is so popular. Three little letters explain why Trump is doing so well: SJW

It's you Social Justice Warriors with your "trigger warnings" and "safe spaces" and "inclusiveness" (for those who agree with you 100% and straight white cis-male scum need not apply) who made Trump. Did you REALLY think you would elect people like Sawant, push that idiotic minimum wage crap, push to suppress free speech through "hate crime laws", do that stupid "Occupy" crap and support those imbeciles in Black Lives Matter and NOT have some kind of reaction?

You, the twitter warriors, trust-fund socialist and Tumblr chumps are why Trump is popular. You called everyone who is not a far-left loan an a fascist so now that a real fascist shows up, nobody wants to believe you. The blame for the rise of Trump falls on you, Social Justice Warriors.

And while I hate that bigot...I kinda like that he is around. I hope he fails, but still, the fact that the mention of his name makes the vegan, latte-drinking, gun-banning, America bashing, Sawant voting, Safe-space dwelling, Privilege Checking, free-speech hating, Wall st Occupying, Macklemore listening, Black Lives Matter screaming buffoons break into tears and whine about being "triggered" is good stuff.

Honest, next time you run into a SJW at your local coffee shop or natural food co-op and they give you grief for being an "evil piece of cis-male scum", just say "I'm voting for Trump" and watch them have a meltdown.
Dec 6, 2015 collectivism_sucks commented on Antifascist Groups Are Organizing a Protest Against the Alleged White Power Rally in Ballard and Capitol Hill.
"The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists"-Winston Churchill.

Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. Trump has the right to be an idiot and attack Mexicans, Bernie Sanders and his lemmings have the right to be idiots and attack the "evil 1%" and these Neonazi dirtbags have the right to play a neonazi dirtbag gig. As long as they are actually not committing violence, they have as much a right to go on as anyone else. The real fascists are the ones who would use force as opposed to a counter message to silence them.

A better move would be to make a big show about having someone with a background in race and anthropology and stuff to challenge them to a debate and prove them wrong...but the masks and "throw stuff at cops" crowd are too stupid for that.
Sep 9, 2015 collectivism_sucks commented on Blame the Billionaires, Not the Teachers.
You are absolutely right. Just keep in mind people like Ansel have to use strawmen, otherwise they would actually have to use data and logic to backup their positions instead of blaming everything on the Monopoly man. Charter schools are community endeavors of human agency outside of the State. Statists like Ansel would rather everything, from utilities to healthcare, from education to recreation, from gardening to gyms, be run by the state. He and the other Statists know good and well that their real agenda would never fly, not even somewhere like Seattle. So instead they try to hide it, and the best way to hide things is by offering the distraction of "blaming the other," which in his case is the "evil billionaires."

Ansel also probably has issues with private community gardens, voluntary carpools, volunteer animal shelters etc, but instead he will say "billionaires are funding exclusivist gardens in poor neighborhoods as part of gentrification" instead of just coming out and saying "if the government isn't running it, it should not exist, even if that garden is helping poor people."

Much like Trump dances around the idea that he is racist without coming out and admitting it, Ansel dances around the idea that he is against human agency, without coming out and admitting it. The two of them should maybe go bowling or something.

Oh, and I do support higher taxes on the wealthy too, and abolishing the unfair way public schools are funded and replacing it with a need-based system, but also support charter schools.