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Apr 19, 2010 bikechick commented on Legal Experts: Aggressive Solicitation Bill Unconstitutional.
@1 Might want to actually check with Holmes before you assert that he thinks the legislation is "okay".
Feb 3, 2010 bikechick commented on Nickelsville, Now and Forever?.
SHARE does good work on very little money and has been a valuable part of Seattle's social service system. That having been said, it's time they introduce themselves to the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

SHARE runs Nickelsville under the thin veil of "arms reach" so as not to violate the existing consent decree. It's a matter of hiding the facts in plain sight.

Tent City 3 and 4 are legally sanctioned and Nickelsville is a protest arm. When numbers of homeless drop at Nickelsville, residents are sent from the other tent cities because they "need the numbers".

Having Nickelsville also allows SHARE to maintain order (which is critical) and give residents of TC3 and 4 someplace to go when they are banned or kicked out. In that sense, Nickelsville is needed to assure that TC3 and 4 can maintain behavior that is legal and palatable to neighors and hosts.

So, an unauthorized and illegal encampment like Nickelsville is actually important for the public. If not at Nickelsville, some people would be on the streets after having caused serious problems at TC3/4.

SHARE/Nickelsville has gained a well-deserved reputation of being obstructionist, isolationist, manipulative, and rejecting offers of tangible assistance (land, money, volunteers, trucks, host sites, services from agencies) from many quarters so as to portray the plight of Nickelsville in the worst and most PR-attracting way possible.

That strategy and leadership mode has clearly backired.

Nickelsville leaders don't work with other agencies and have lost a good deal of support because of this. Internally, many key supporters have backed away as well.

We have a new mayor and a new composition on the council and on the port commission and all the signals are positive on the homelessness and social services front.

The staffer in the Mayor's office that they should call first is Elliott Day. email

Then, after explaining what they want with facts and specificity in a ONE page letter, they should ask Elliot to see if a meeting can be scheduled with Darryl Smith, the deputy mayor in charge of safety net issues.

A specific, achievable and very targeted presentation is the way to go. We are pissed off isn't actionable! We want you to turn the city budget and funding and strategy for social services on it's head RIGHT NOW isn't achievable! We want our issue to be the most important thing on the planet and will scream if we don't get what we want is a distraction from the real dialog that is needed.

Hundreds and hundreds of people ask for a meeting with the mayor and it's not a good strategy to saber-rattle in the press (this group already has a history using political grandstanding instead of negotiating in good faith and using tried and true methods of moving political will) and then scream "the mayor sucks because he won't meet with me"!!!

If they can't get that call through to Elliot Day, they should reach out to people that DO have access to the administration to help move the conversation forward. Tim Harris, David Bloom, Dorsol Plants, Alison Eisinger, Al Poole etc. would be a good start to begin building alliances to present a united front with a pitch plan that is put together by a coalition and has broad support.

Any smart politician would respond well to a reasonable and doable plan that achieves real measurable progress on a very critical issue (clearly an important issue, that's not debatable), providing the plan is fundable. It can skate through the political navigational maze IF it has broad support.

The press conference they had was bad positioning for a good relationship with any new mayor. Then, they send around emails bemoaning that the mayor hasn't met with them. Then little jabs in the press. It's stupid to call politicians out publicly, right after they take office and haven't even had a chance to address an issue. Not to put too fine a point on it, but that strategy sets up an combative environment that is rarely conducive to cooperative problem-solving.

I'm guessing that the mayor has a million issues he's dealing with right now and the jockeying is intense to get "your issue" escalated for action.

To assume that because there wasn't some instantaneous response to a vague demand for a meeting is an indication of lack of support is a mistake. It's more likely a lack of available time slices and slipping into protest mode to get attention is a strategy that is a proven failure.

Maybe they need a lobbyist or a pitch personal that has some credibility and doesn't have the toxic political baggage that their current leaders have? Just sayin'.

Lobbying strategies that work also include building political will by meeting with council members and aligning them to your goals. Directly, up front and with facts, not emotional pleas, drama, threats and rabble-rousing for no strategic gain.

They need to go about making their requests in a way that is intentional, strategic and politically savvy. That means, reaching out for the people that ARE working with the Mayor's office AS WE SPEAK on solutions for emergency services for the homeless and participating in the larger coalition of agencies and services that deal with homelessness instead of purposely rejecting it.

And, the efforts of many working on building public support and broad support from many quarters, public and private, for real progress on homelessness is actually hampered by SHARE/Nickelsville's shenanigans. Not only not effective, but destructive.

SHARE/Nickelsville needs a new strategy, a new lobbying plan and a new press plan. Only question is: can they adapt to the new political environment and take advantage of it to achieve their goals without new leadership?

Jan 19, 2010 bikechick commented on That Didn't Take Long: Council's Relationship With McGinn Sinks Under Pressure of Seawall Vote.
Um, politics and personal kingdom-building aside, does the seawall need to be fixed forthwith? Yes.

So, who is the asshole here?

People who talk big about fixing problems that are a paramount concern for public safety or those who play politics with public safety?

If the seawall is a problem (all data says it is), the council should lay their personal jockeying aside and figure out to to get it fixed and funded NOW! Instead, they play power games in the press about who is in charge: here's a clue - the 600 dead from a seawall failure is on the obstructionists who falsely paint the new mayor as an obstructionist for political gain.

Bonds or no bonds - let's get it done, Tim, Tom and council et al. Play the silly political games over the tunnel after our citizenry is safe from drowning from an inevitable and predictable seawall failure, would ya?

The state went out of their way to spend big bucks to illustrate what happens when the seawall fails - do you need to see that video again?
Dec 29, 2009 bikechick commented on McGinn Announces a Police Chief Search Committee.
David Goodenough is a great resource for police executive searches. McGinn and Holmes should definately huddle with him on this....he vets candidates for police and fire all over the country.
Oct 26, 2009 bikechick commented on "Basically, We Will All Catch Fire and Fall Into the Sea and Die.".
That's why we need the surface plan, it gets done years earlier and is cheaper!
Oct 26, 2009 bikechick commented on The Morning News.
The viaduct video just proves the stakeholder committee was right! The viaduct has to come down and the tunnel plan delays bringing the viaduct down for years! McGinn is right - get it down asap.
Oct 15, 2009 bikechick commented on Oh, Yes He Did.
Too bad the mallahan folks rained fire down on Rob (he's the best candidate!), but an unintended result is that McGinn's tv ad has been watched by everyone who read this story.

Hmmm: Rob gets squeezed (can't imagine he's a happy camper right now), McGinn commerical gets watched over and over and Mallahan looks like a vindictive ass.

As doctor phil says: how's that workin' for ya?
Oct 12, 2009 bikechick commented on "Come on, I'm gonna be the next mayor".
@17 You guys are amazing. Call up the 37th and they'll tell you that Mallahan lit did NOT go out - they only provided a tiny bit. So, the Joe strategy is to take every failure and just lie about it?
Sep 28, 2009 bikechick commented on The Smoking Tuna.
Good job, Dominic.

Someone has to get the truth out. Lies told with spittle and red-faced conviction are turning into truth in this town.
Sep 15, 2009 bikechick commented on The Culture Candidate.
There's a difference in misspeaking and misquoting!

The whole "racial agenda" comment is a great example. The press got the quote - two different journalists - and because it was so incendiary, confirmed with the campaign multiple times to make sure that was Joe's intent. Then, when it played badly, called the reporter out for 'misquoting'. Not once, but several times! Once in sakara's video, once at the 34th LD and once on publicola.

Hopefully, there's going to be a rash of audio coming out. What do you bet, every reporter in town won't talk to the guy now without an open mic?

Next one up is probably the whole Joe idea that kids join gangs because they are full of "self-hatred" and that joining a gang is "illogical." This is on tape (said it 3 times). Joining a gang is very logical if you are in their shoes - just too bad wealth and privilege prevent having a real understanding of the issue of public safety and youth/gang issues. And there's no "self-hatred" - these kids have plenty of self-worth and self-esteem, too - what they don't have is community, support, and options.