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Jun 19, 2013 Gimp1000 commented on Savage Love.

As a quadriplegic for 9.5 years, let me offer my perspective. First, as Dan writes, treat us as adults first, and let us make our own decisions. A physical disability, leaves our minds intact; we're able to make our own decisions.

Quadriplegia, can range from Christopher Reeves, who needed assistance breathing, to guys who use manual wheelchairs and play wheelchair rugby, aka. Murderball. Some of us quads, have the same zest for life and thirst for adventure that got us disabled in the first place. I travelled the country playing wheelchair rugby with my team, I've gone downhill mountain biking, skiing, waterskiing, horseback riding and ziplining.

The things you list as reasons for not dating a disabled man, are limitations you have in your head for us. Since my injury, I've traveled to: China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Costa Rica and Myanmar. I didn't stay away because those places weren't listed as accessible. With some creativity and a positive spirit, I can go anywhere.

I have gimp friends who camp and bike nearly every weekend. One of my quad friends is planning on handcycling to Patagonia (10k miles) with his girlfriend. Put aside your limitations you think the disabled have.

With or without the wheelchair, we're dudes first. We still think with our dicks. Watch the documentary Murderball for insight.
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Mar 27, 2013 Gimp1000 joined My Stranger Face
Mar 27, 2013 Gimp1000 commented on Savage Love.

You're doing the right thing. After becoming a quadriplegic, I use the services of an escort to get myself back in the game. His ended up being the shot of confidence I needed to get out in the dating world. Dating is always hard enough, but from a wheelchair, even harder.