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3:17 PM yesterday Ansel Herz commented on The Democratic Convention Is Awash in Corporate Cash.
I see the sycophantism is strong today. (Quoting Trump ≠ endorsing Trump, people. Come the fuck on.)

@15: Real recognize real.
Jul 26 Ansel Herz commented on Sounders Coach Sigi Schmid Steps Down Following Poor Start to Season.
@3 and @4: Thank you, corrected.
Jul 21 Ansel Herz commented on The Green Party Responds to Dan Savage, Says He's "Dead Wrong".
@15: Yup. I can't recall interviewing a single Green Party candidate in the last three years of endorsement meetings. If they aren't even attempting to make inroads here, of all places, I'm not sure how we're supposed to take them seriously.
Jul 14 Ansel Herz commented on Look At These Frighteningly Militarized Police in New York.
@2: For a split-second, my headline was off, and Gurldoggie caught it.
Jul 12 Ansel Herz commented on Civilian Watchdog Investigating Complaints About Police Union's Facebook Post.
@5: Talk to me: 206-841-8186.

Or tell us more in this space. People need to hear this.
Jul 7 Ansel Herz commented on Furious Police Officer Speaks Out: "How Dare You Stand Next to Me in the Same Uniform and Murder Somebody".
@5: If you can find that photo, I'd be interested to see it.
Jul 6 Ansel Herz commented on #AltonSterling.
@12: I refer you to comment #3 and to what I wrote in the Slog post...
Jul 6 Ansel Herz commented on #AltonSterling.
@9: Hello again. If you believe something I wrote needs to be corrected, you should e-mail my editors like a normal person, instead of popping up in every last comment thread under my byline to whine and moan like a broken record. Click the link at the bottom for contacts. If there's any basis to your claims, they'll take action. If you're not willing to do that, I suggest you find better ways to spend your time than wasting our page space.