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Aug 22 Ansel Herz commented on John Oliver Shows How Charter Schools Fail Kids.
@10: Good question, and thanks! Look for some coverage soonish.
Aug 11 Ansel Herz commented on The Morning News: Feds Dash Hopes of Pot Legalization, Seattle Women's Commission Confronts Online Harassment.

@8: "Why don't you man up and grow a pair or find another profession like restocking the Play-Doh in some college safe space?"

This right here is an example of a sexist (and ageist) online comment! Grow a pair! Because only creatures with testicles aren't cowards!

This is all very weird and stupid because a) I have decent-sized testicles like any normal male b) regardless of my gender and genital status, it's clear this commenter would still disagree with my politics and my writing. So why bring that up to begin with? (Answer: He's a participant in a culture that hates women! Yay him!)

@3: This is not a sexist comment! But it does miss the mark: We do fair, fact-based reporting with a point of view. Every journalist out there has a POV and biases. Some are simply more transparent about them than others. (Add'l reading.)

So: Keep it coming with the discussion and feedback, positive and negative, including the harsh criticism. That's all good and makes us better... Focus on the merits and substance of what's being written. Make your best case. (If you feel yourself putting down asshole-words, pause and imagine we were sitting face to face in a public place.) Don't spew nasty misogyny and/or blithe, poorly-thought-out tirades. Yes, the Internet is terrible, but this is our corner of it, so don't make it shithole.
Aug 5 Ansel Herz commented on Former Cop Cynthia Whitlatch Appealing Her Firing to Discredited Review Board.
@3: "police unions get singled out for doing what unions do" - Except that they don't do what other unions do. They don't attend Seattle's annual MLK march, unlike other unions (the former SPOG prez Ron Smith once told me that would be a "good idea" to join the march and then never followed through). They don't participate in social justice movements or the labor movement (Smith has thrown shade at teachers unions on Facebook). They echo unhinged right-wing/Fox News talking points and attack Obama. Their culture, their politics, and the way they relate to the wider world is unusual compared with other major unions.
Aug 3 Ansel Herz commented on It Would Be Helpful If We Stopped Lying About How Much Hillary Clinton Lies.
The NYT republished a PolitiFact op-ed. It didn't carry out its own analysis, as is implied here...
Aug 3 Ansel Herz commented on It Would Be Helpful If Hillary Clinton Stopped Lying.
@16: Ah, I'm sorry! I lumped you in with all the people on Twitter coming at me because, they say, PolitiFact has a right-wing bias and I shouldn't cite them.

"PolitiFact has established Clinton to be a mostly honest politician who lies about some things, but less so than most other contemporary presidential politicians"

I didn't make any claims in the post about her honesty generally. Yes, Clinton doesn't lie as often as Trump et. al. and slightly less than Bernie, according to Politifact. BUT! Like it or not (due in great part to years of BS right wing attacks, of course), she's viewed unfavorably and with mistrust by large portions of voters, including most voters my age - more so than Bernie. Indisputably, she has a history of triangulating and flip-flopping on all kinds of issues that Bernie doesn't. The (apparently controversial) idea here is that she's not well served by trotting out a defensive, totally unnecessary lie about her e-mails - nor are progressives writ large - if they're serious about defeating Trump and the right, because a) it's bad form for someone so powerful and b) it reinforces negative narratives about her. Liberals could help her win and be a better president by pointing this out and pressuring her to be better, instead of rationalizing away why it doesn't matter.

Aug 3 Ansel Herz commented on It Would Be Helpful If Hillary Clinton Stopped Lying.
@4: There are not one, but two sources cited in this post: PolitiFact and the Washington Post. Both saying the same thing.

Must be weird living inside a bubble.
Jul 29 Ansel Herz commented on Take 2 Minutes and Watch One of These Pop Culture-Infused Viral Videos About Local Politics.

I'm picturing you saying that as you sip tea from fine china on a Victorian porch.
Jul 27 Ansel Herz commented on The Democratic Convention Is Awash in Corporate Cash.
I see the sycophantism is strong today. (Quoting Trump ≠ endorsing Trump, people. Come the fuck on.)

@15: Real recognize real.