Oct 4, 2010 STLJoy commented on I, Anonymous.
Anonymous is not a cheap twat. And why are the women always the ones that get stuck with this crap? This shit gets old:
possible engagement party gift
bachlorette party
shower gift
wedding gift
house warming, baby showers, etc
Top it off they've lived together for years? Those who think this is being stingy is the guy who picks up a $35. bottle of wine and isn't responsible for doing the rest of the crap. Its even worse when its wedding #2 or 3...
Sep 14, 2010 STLJoy commented on Bullied Gay Teenager Commits Suicide—Will His Tormentors Face Charges?.
Lots of straight kids get bullied as well. It is a horrible thing to go through. Try being the fat kid at school.
Aug 20, 2010 STLJoy commented on Domestic Partnerships.
I will now be adding "conservatarded" to my vocabulary.
Oct 28, 2009 STLJoy commented on Obama Signs Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act Into Law.
Baby steps people!!!!!!!!
Have you not seen the religious right, hatred and bigotry?
I know Obama has not come through with all of his promises, but yet I think the GLBT community (of which I am a part of) expected him to wave a wand.
He's moving in the right direction.
I mostly agree with 26, except for the extreme condesendcing comments. ??? Do you know what that means??? hahaha
Oct 28, 2009 STLJoy commented on Savage Love.
No No No on the second response. If that jack-ass doesn't care that he's hurting her, and fails to acknowledge that he has done anything wrong, DTMFA.
Perhaps she is insecure. Why would that be? 30 consecutive posts? Flirting constantly with other people? Won't talk to her for a day or 2? ARe you kidding?
It doesn't matter what he looks like. Fuck him. Move on.
Surprised at Dan's response.
Oct 4, 2009 STLJoy commented on I, Anonymous.
ugh...the time when you sense of smell is 20x better than any blood hound.
your sickness at this stage is perfectly normal, but maybe your doc can give you something. Mine couldn't. I puked everytime I put a toothbrush in my mouth for 9 months.
good luck, sweetie!!
Sep 30, 2009 STLJoy commented on Savage Love.
I don't like the advice to the first one.
I really had a "thing" for my boyfriend's best friend, about 5 months into our relationship. 10 years later, I so wished I would have said fuck it to everyone involved, that I thought would be hurt.
He may not be the "disease." He may be "the one." Go for it.
Sep 29, 2009 STLJoy commented on Too Early?.
They don't have nail clippers in Asia?
Jun 3, 2009 STLJoy commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day.
I work with run away/throw away kids. The best thing my boss ever told me is that when kids run away, there is usually a very good reason behind it. After meeting the parents, I'd say 99.9% had a good reason. Sad, but true.
Jun 3, 2009 STLJoy commented on Old News: Dick Cheney Supports Gay Marriage.
Freedom applies to everyone...if you live in the right state. This guy is an asshole. I wish the press would stop talking to him.