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Aug 29 Matt the Engineer commented on How Uber and Lyft Reduce Taxi Cab Racism.
@5 Perhaps your bus tickets are overpriced?
Aug 24 Matt the Engineer commented on The Morning News: Governor Declares Wildfire State of Emergency, Cell Service Coming to Light Rail.
"Is Climate Change to Blame?" Well, the cause of the 14k acre fire burning now was a diseased pine tree falling on power lines. Considering that pine beetle tree deaths are absolutely devastating forests across the continent, that they are strongly linked to temperature, that temperatures have been going up in a causal way that even Cliff Mass wouldn't deny, and that the same beetle-plagued trees make for dry tinder to turn little fires into huge ones... Yes. Climate change is absolutely to blame.
Aug 23 Matt the Engineer commented on What the "White Man's Fly" Tells Us About Intelligent Design.
@4 I wish Charles could focus for a minute and explain more what he means. I believe he's talking about complex adaptive systems: systems that change themselves in response to outcomes, and which seek goals. This includes the human mind, but also how butterflies evolve, how trees interact, how birds migrate, or how the stock market works. Each uses very different mechanisms to change their behavior based on goals and testing the environment, but I might call each of them intelligent in their way. And often more intelligent than a human mind. Bringing in physical phenomena (not just complex adaptive behavior), would I be better at telling a lightning bolt or a running stream the optimal path of least resistance? Not likely.
Aug 23 Matt the Engineer commented on What the "White Man's Fly" Tells Us About Intelligent Design.
Thanks Charles, I enjoyed this. Again I point you to the Quark and the Jaguar, which was my first introduction to complex adaptive systems.

If those damn aliens actually told us we exist to mine metals we'd probably be better at not tossing them back in landfills.
Aug 22 Matt the Engineer commented on John Oliver Shows How Charter Schools Fail Kids.
If you can operate more cheaply than a WA state public school, you're probably cutting some pretty important corners.
Aug 18 Matt the Engineer commented on Capitol Hill's Trump Statue Could Be a Safety Hazard, Says SDOT.
The statue isn't a safety hazard, people in the street aren't a safety hazard. The cars are a safety hazard. Most of our urban design is aimed at making sure we stay out of the way of cars. I want a world where they stay out of the way of us.
Aug 18 Matt the Engineer commented on What Trump Means By His Confusing "Mr. Brexit" Tweet.
Leaving NATO? Or NAFTA?
Aug 17 Matt the Engineer commented on "The Victorians" From Port Townsend Refused Entry From B.C.'s Butchart Gardens For Being Themselves.
Investigative journalism tip: Waybackmachine.

It appears the gardens added the language about costumes and period clothing after Aug 11. Actually, it appears they added it today. Here's a snapshot of what the webpage looked like as of the last Waybackmachine snapshot on April 12.">…