Nov 11, 2014 Phoebe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pain Can't Be Avoided.
And now that I've read a lot of comments speculating on what Dan meant by it: What is wrong with you people? She should get over herself because others have it worse? Why not tack that on to every single letter, then? He could truthfully say THAT to anyone. But again, why? How is it relevant when she never claimed to be the saddest of them all? Nor is there even a whiff of that. I wish Dan would speak for himself.
Nov 11, 2014 Phoebe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Pain Can't Be Avoided.
Yes. Wtf is up with the last sentence? How is it even relevant?
Sep 19, 2013 Phoebe commented on Savage Love.
BAROP, don't listen to anyone but me and #43. Tell her everything, every little last thing. If you go down the "don't tell her anything that might make her upset" road you are asking for massive massive trouble and you're also super patronizing.
Jan 24, 2013 Phoebe commented on Beyonce Lip-Synched the National Anthem.
Some say she did sing it live:…
Jan 13, 2013 Phoebe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Skin-to-Skin Contact.
Off topic!
Dan, Pat Robertson is now answering letters presumably written to the advice columnist for Maxim. I love this. I want him to provide alternate answers to your letters too, and am hoping you will invite him to do so. Let the best sage win!…]
Dec 18, 2012 Phoebe commented on Obama's Speech at Newtown Vigil.
It's not either/or. Let's change our culture and mental health polices AND do whatever exactly Australia did with the gun thing.
Dec 18, 2012 Phoebe commented on "Also Go Fuck Yourself".
I read one backlash article, the Hanna Rosin one, and did not in any way think that it was saying we shouldn't care about mental health issues. I don't get this article if it's a response to that article. I felt sorry for Liza Long when I read HER piece, but did also agree with everything Hanna Rosin said --…

-- which was a pretty narrow argument about the judgment of equating your son with a mass murderer in the manner that she did, along with some fairly nitpicky but still justifiable criticisms of the way she dealt with her kid, according to her own testimony. We all make mistakes, blah blah, but we should own up to them as well.

This article to which you point us has nothing to do with that at all, unless it's to say, essentially, "Long's situation is sad -- just like mine! Here's mine, and please feel the undeniable sadness now as I tell it -- and because of sadness (and my sadness = her sadness, so let my sad story persuade you on this issue) you can't say anything unflattering about this woman." But I would like to give the author more credit than that and assume she is responding to a different backlash article.

Mar 14, 2012 Phoebe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Permission Slippage.
Do it! You're preventing some home wrecker from actually wrecking a home.

If you were an adult who looked like a child, and a pedophile wanted to have sex with you, but only if you're a child, and you wanted to have sex with this adult, because you want to, go ahead! Lie about your age! For the sake of some kid(s) somewhere.
Jan 20, 2012 Phoebe commented on SL Letter of the Day: Frustrated Sex Columnist.
Answer this letter as many times as you have to. Cut and paste the same answer, I don't care. But this happened to me -- I didn't marry the guy, but we kept breaking up and getting back together -- and it did a number on me that took years to undo and it's still kind of lingering. When she says it's messing with her self esteem, or however she put it, THAT is the big deal, and tied in with the fear of initiating anything. That's going to carry over to the next fella. It's awful awful awful. I really hope she takes your advice.
May 23, 2011 Phoebe commented on Bridesmaids: Death to the Chick Flick.
#67 and she was IN the picture, so, not the greatest example of someone that done got did wrong.

I sympathize with all the people who say that our whole gender gets done wrong every time another rom com comes out, but then I'm sure there's a guy flick equivalent. And I'm guessing the smart guys don't feel patronized as guys (yer profiling me rong!) because they know it's just a bunch of dumb guys making the decisions and they don't take it personally. The best movies are the ones that are popular with both genders, because they're good. And there are enough of them that we can all ignore the dreck. I don't want to be profiled at all, really.

This thing that LOOKS like a chick flick? About a wedding? Of course they have to distance themselves. OF COURSE.