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Jul 14 dpb commented on No Dive Bar is Safe: Bye Bye 2 Bit Saloon.
The PI is the best bar in this city, hands down. Great fish and chips, good beer selection, killer juke box, just enough attitude behind the bar, and a mixed enough clientele to keep it interesting. Take out the fish and chips and that describes the streamline.
May 19 dpb commented on The Monday Morning News.
If snitches really do get Stitches, no wonder nobody is talking to the cops.
Jan 8 dpb commented on Another Way in Which "Rideshare" Is Just Another For-Hire Vehicle.
I think this case in S.F. is going to have huge implications for Uber and Lyft in Seattle: http://www.sfexaminer.com/sanfrancisco/u…

Uber claims that they and their drivers are fully insured, but in this case they are clearly trying to suggest that since the driver wasn't actively involved in a fare that they aren't responsible. What happens when the drivers personal insurance refuses to cover any of the claim because he was using his car for commercial purposes, thereby voiding the policy? Will Uber step up and pay? I'm really curious to see how this gets handled.
Oct 22, 2013 dpb commented on Lunchtime Quickie: It's Almost Hallow's Eve!.
The Thomas family farm in Snohomish is pretty awesome. Corn maze, haunted meat packing plant, beer garden, pumpkin patch, kettle corn, and don't forget the zombie paintball hayride.
Aug 17, 2013 dpb commented on Drunk of the Week: Reader Submissions! Vote For Your Favorite!.
@1 Tried to shotgun a can of Tab once for the same reason. Closest to a near death experience I've ever had.
Apr 22, 2013 dpb commented on The Way That Wind Farm Is Dressed, You Know She Has It Coming.
Are they trying to make a shitty joke whose punchline is 'they blow'?
Apr 10, 2013 dpb commented on Now Ain't THIS a Bummer?!.
forget oreos, eat cool j cookies.
Mar 25, 2013 dpb commented on The Slog Netflix Streaming Movie Club: The Imposter.
Lying is the fountain of youth!
Sep 16, 2011 dpb commented on When A Work of Art Is To Be Determined: SBC at On the Boards Last Night.
It seems like you wasted most of your night attempting to figure out how to approach the evening, rather than just letting the event happen. I had a great time wandering around and stumbling into whatever popped up in front of me. The biggest problem of the night, much like real life, was wondering if I was missing something else that was happening in another room at the same moment--was something else more interesting happening over there? That anticipation/curiosity was what fueled the night for me. I must have done at least 20 laps around OTB throughout the course of the night talking, seeing, drinking, and doing all that I could. I still feel that I didn't get to see everything. I didn't want the night to end and couldn't have had more fun. Impromptu birthday parties, a stressed out stage manager, an amazing mc/poet, dancing, wheel barrel races, voodoo trailers, monologues, lounge style piano playing in a home depot style lighting display, dancing at Stompy's, black light elevator, and reasonably priced drinks made $15 seem like I should have paid more. It was a three ring circus without a master of ceremonies--just like real life.
May 21, 2011 dpb commented on Today's Rapture: The Q & A.
This guy is a creepy ninja. He's always sneaking up behind me saying Jesus stuff. For some reason, he makes me angrier than almost any canvasser or spare changer on Broadway. I'd rather talk to four of the Save the Children suckers than this dude. Float on, mang.

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