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May 20, 2015 dearduskyNH commented on Savage Love.
Can I put "no Fox News watchers" in my dating profile?
Jan 22, 2014 dearduskyNH commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Cool Dad Option.
My ex left me when the baby was not quite 3. He said it was disrespectful that I had gained weight. I went to the gym 4-5 times a week and watched what I ate but I was still nursing and just couldn't lose the weight. Now understand he was not going without. We were still having sex 3 times a week or so. Hell I blew him during the first 6 weeks when we weren't allowed to have intercourse. He has turned out to be the crappiest father ever. He left town when she was 9 and for Christmas this year he sent his 17 year old daughter a check for 20 bucks.
Dec 18, 2013 dearduskyNH commented on Good Grief and Great Tits.
I find that the people now who wish me "Merry Christmas" do it with an edge and as a challenge. They don't want me to have a merry Christmas they want me to know they have a political agenda. The people who wish me "Happy Holidays" want me to have a merry Christmas.
Mar 1, 2011 dearduskyNH commented on Anybody Wanna Watch Mike Huckabee Blow a Three-Day Load All Over His Wife's Face?.
The ickiest sex most people can think of is their parents fucking. So if we use Huckabee's logic, shouldn't all our parents be forced to divorce?
Dec 1, 2010 dearduskyNH commented on Petition vs. Petition & Contact Your Senator.
Just sent an email to Judd Gregg, I don't expect much, he is kind of a dick.
Sep 15, 2010 dearduskyNH commented on Majority Says: Gay Families Are Families.
My daughter says we are not a family because it is just the 2 of us. I disagree, I choose to think that though her father had the power to dissolve a marriage he did not have the power to dissolve a family. And although she is quite harsh on our family she has no problem with saying that my cousin and her partner are a family. And just to prove Harvey Milk right, neither did my very Catholic grandmother.
Mar 7, 2010 dearduskyNH commented on We Don't Let Racists Adopt Black Children.
My first thought when I heard this was that he was gay. Even if his mother was supportive of her lesbian daughter, she wasn't the only influence in his life and for some people it is easier to be supportive of lesbians than gay men.

I really don't know the whole truth and maybe we never will but the point that anti-gay bigots should not be allowed to adopt because we don't know if the child will be gay is a good one.
Dec 11, 2009 dearduskyNH commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Perfect Question.
I think part of the problem for the foot fetishist's girlfriend is that she is very young and may believe that if she does anything sexually that she isn't 100% into she is being used. She is probably very idealistic and doesn't want to be the kind of woman who would let herself be used by a man. If it is framed for her in a different way she may be able to get past that.
Nov 25, 2009 dearduskyNH commented on Back Off, Glenn Beck.
Why doesn't Glenn Beck just move to his cabin in the woods, bar the doors and booby trap the road and leave the rest of us the heck alone?