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May 30, 2012 DeathatSea commented on Breast Cancer Sufferers Have Such Beautiful Gardens.
although kind of a weird billboard, i understand the reasoning behind it. i went through something, not cancer, but something similar at least in terms of how it impacts your life. almost died from it.

while recovering (still am, years later) i began to appreciate plants. watching them grow, and helping them grow. it helped me remember how to be a human.
Aug 23, 2011 DeathatSea commented on The Bird's Eye View Is Worth Waiting For.
so, they're practicing for when they poop back and forth forever?
Aug 15, 2011 DeathatSea commented on Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father.
@1 your reasoning is exactly the same as that of a racist. "one person in the south did something monstrous therefore the entire southern untied states is immoral" = "one black person did something monstrous therefore all black people are immoral" (and no, i do not equate being a southerner with being a minority group or anything...but we can't lump all people in a group together based on the actions of individuals. which seems pretty fucking obvious)
Nov 24, 2010 DeathatSea commented on I, Anonymous.
wow. you are seriously fucked up, anonymous. you are clearly the shitty roomate if that's how you respond to being slightly annoyed. "i don't like your shitty poetry therefore i'm going to fucking poison you."
Oct 14, 2010 DeathatSea commented on Anti-Gay Bullies Arrested in Hicksville.
@2 you moron, jean genet was a bigger fag than me, dan savage, and lady gaga rolled into one. teaching your son to be on the "downlow" is pathetic and i really hope you're not serious.
Oct 11, 2010 DeathatSea commented on Would It Help To Declare a National March On One High School?.
@26 i also live in the nati. let's go.
Sep 20, 2010 DeathatSea commented on If It Happened to a Democrat....
@7 you're an idiot.
Sep 12, 2010 DeathatSea commented on Drunk of the Week.
i didn't notice before it was pointed out above, but those baby hands are incredibly disturbing.
Aug 20, 2010 DeathatSea commented on Target Targeted.
since you used the word douche in quotes, i called the guy a douche, and my post is right above yours, then i will assume you a talking about me, at least in part. and guess what? you couldn't be more wrong. my earliest memory is protesting local news stations with my mom and siblings. we were protesting them because they were not adding closed captioning services (as they are required to by law.) after the protest, which was in the center of the city i grew up in (we filled out a form in so we could peacefully protest in public) my mom, a few other protesters, and myself met with the station's manager and one of their reporters. mom explained their reasons (i was too young to participate in any real sense.) and told them they weren't going to be nullified by a news story or nice words, and protests will continue until there is actual change. throguh the years i have followed my mom's example.
"I can assure you that what these people did is pretty standard."
based on my own experiences at marches/rallies i can tell you that you, Canuck, are either full of shit, or your mom brought you to protests filled with fucking morons. the type where the participants don't actually care so much about making change as much as they do about being able to say "i was at this protest, and..."
your post brought to mind the people who jump in on interviews and shout something and they think that is "making a stand."

if you are trying to bring what you feel is injustice to light, then you need to be able to bring people to your side. do you think that the guy shouting at the workers changed their opinions? (if they did in fact disagree with him)
do you think their video has changed any opinions about target? because to me it seems like the video was created solely to preach to the choir.
i agree with you that "some things still need to be done in person. Loudly." but why not go to the corporate headquarters if you actually want to create change. i mean isn't that obvious? for fuck's sake.
Aug 20, 2010 DeathatSea commented on Target Targeted.
also, why the fuck do people shop at target in the first place? i'm so sick of all these stupid ass liberal identified people who detest walmart but do all there shopping at target. walmart might be worse, but they are basically the exact same thing.