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Aug 16, 2013 piminnowcheez commented on SL Letter of the Day: POOP!.
The whole cheerful, "Cheers mate!" business makes it a whole level more creepy.
Aug 1, 2013 piminnowcheez commented on SLLOTD: Helping a Little Brother Out.
First of all, if this kid is 14, he's definitely interested in sex, even if he's not showing any outward interest in girls (or boys). There's a weird period in puberty for many people (I think) where the hormones are definitely going to work, and your friends are behaving differently, and even if you're a late bloomer, and even if you don't know shit about sex, you are definitely, if privately, growing into a new set of interests.

Second, sure, I can imagine it would be embarrassing for both parties for a big sister to talk to a little brother about sex, but so what. You have the talk, everybody's embarrassed, nobody dies, the information is passed. 23 and 14 sounds like a good age spread to minimize embarrassment anyway.

I think if I were trying to tell a 14 year old boy something useful about sex, the bases I'd try to cover are:

1) Being out of your mind with horniness is normal, don't worry about it; ditto with wanking. But learn how not to be gross in public.

2) Porn is fine enough but understand it doesn't, and isn't meant to, represent real sex. That thing you're dreaming of having does not look like what you're looking at online. There's no reason this needs to be a disappointment. Fantasy sex and real sex are good and different things.

3) When the real sex comes along, there's a real person attached to it. You don't treat real people like online porn wank objects. Besides being the decent thing to do, the sex is also better when you give a shit.
Apr 26, 2013 piminnowcheez commented on Next Up in the Slog Netflix Streaming Club: The Young Girls Of Rochefort.
I found this movie hard to sit through (impossible, actually, were it not for a summertime outdoor screening and a bottle of pink wine), but I have to agree with Fnarf about men in white pants and that fucking awesome cafe.
Apr 25, 2013 piminnowcheez commented on Did Twitter Kill This Young Man?.
Wait, do we even know how long he'd been dead before he was fished out of the water? Is there *any actual evidence* to that the mis-identification business had anything at all to do with his death? Or that he was even alive to know about it?

Or are you just stirring shit?
Apr 17, 2013 piminnowcheez commented on The Science Today: What A See-Through Brain Looks Like.
Hey, we did the Deisseroth paper for journal club in my lab today. Everybody agreed it was nifty technique and made for fabulous pictures, but nobody could think of an experiment where it would actually be useful -- it only works in fixed tissue, and in vivo imaging is where the action is.
Apr 16, 2013 piminnowcheez commented on Predictable Trolls Are Predictable.
@7, I would have been so disappointed not to see you here given the post headline.
Jan 31, 2013 piminnowcheez commented on The Problem with "Paperman".
Jan 17, 2013 piminnowcheez commented on This Weekend at SIFF: A Very Good Terrible Movie.
Against the Ninja!

(Dudes, I am so excited about this.)
Jan 17, 2013 piminnowcheez commented on This Weekend at SIFF: A Very Good Terrible Movie.
I am DYING to see this movie, in a theater, and b/c I live abroad, I probably won't be able to.

The thing is, I saw some publicity on the Internets for this, and I thought, Y.K. Kim, Y. K. Kim, why does that sound so familiar? Why does that guy look so familiar?

He's familiar because I grew up in Orlando in the 80's, when this movie was made, and when Y. K. Kim had his mug plastered all over billboards on I-4 and on commercials for his dojo all over UHF teevee (Channel 35, w00t!).

Oh, what better way to spend a nostalgia stiffy than to watch 80's martial-arts nerds act out their Hollywood fantasies.
Jan 7, 2013 piminnowcheez commented on In the Wake of Harassment, Rape Video Star Is Sorry About Misogynist Comments.
I really don't see a lifetime of diminished employment and social opportunities as just desserts for saying mean things while teenaged.

No doubt that, if all we have to go on is this video, this kid qualifies as loathesome and antisocial. But as far as I know, that IS all most of us (including Cienna) have to go on: based on one 12 minute episode of deplorable speech uttered in adolescence, we're supposed to wish a lifetime of disadvantage on this guy? That seems like some creepy, lynch-mobbish thinking to me.

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