Jun 4, 2009 JonbyD commented on Thinking Small.
Rainersooner, who said anything about "undesirable"? Do you think that people making <$1500/month undesirable? Do you assume that people that make more than $1500/month think that people making <$1500/month are undesirable? What does this sya about your prejudices? I, by the way, do make ~$1500/month.

I do not begrudge Mr. Mulhair's right to make a profit. I am not calling for an end to this type of construction. I am calling for full transparency in the process of zoning, planning and constructing facilities like this. These facilities do have economic and environmental impact. They create demands on an old and dated city infrastructure. All members of the community should have a right to hear about, and to have a say on this type of high-impact construction. They also should have a right to know about plans ahead of time so that they can make decisions about how to handle their own property. This is about transparency and honesty.

The facility in question not proposed, planned, or constructed honestly. Every neighbor surrounding this property believed that six town-homes were being built, even as the facility was framed in. Nobody knew anything different until Calhoun properties put up a sign and fliers announcing the true purpose and architectural design.

I have, and you have, a right to know the truth about things that happen in your neighborhood, especially if they potential to impact the quality and value of your life.
Jun 3, 2009 JonbyD commented on Thinking Small.
This is not about mindless nimbyism. This is about transparency of building projects and allowing community members to have a say about the growth of the community. This is about creating 48 apartments in space meant for six townhouses.

This is not about altruism. Mr. Mulhair and Calhoun Property Managment makes a lot of money every month off of their $550/month per 7x10 foot apartments. There are 48 units in the development that is the subject of this article. He has build at least one other similar development. Do the math.

Mr. Mulhair himself is not a practitioner of densification. He actually lives in the sprawling suburbs in his own house on a rather large lot.

Finally, in regard to the middle class, upstanding people who will embrace these 7x10 foot units...7x10, prefurnished single-bed units with no room for personal furnishings other than what has been provided. Really? I don't know any middle-class working person (or student) who aspires to that quality of living. Most students I know move out of that type of living at the first possible opportunity.