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Jan 18 ɥsɐןɯouǝʌ commented on The Morning News: Facebook Removes Post that Calls Ben Carson the GOP's Nigger, Murray Kills Bike Sharing.
@7: What's your source on that claim?
In America in 2015, there were 167,323 aggravated assaults with a firearm and 125,167 with a knife. In the same year, there were 9,616 homicides committed with firearms, and 1,544 with knives. Aggravated assault is a rough proxy, but this suggests that stabbing lethality is significantly lower than shooting lethality.
And in fact, criminologist Frank Zimring looked at stabbing and shooting data from Chicago in the mid '60s and found that shooting lethality was a whopping FIVE TIMES stabbing lethality.

The mechanics of stabbing versus shooting do tend to oppose your claim as well. Unless a major blood vessel (carotid artery, jugular vein, femoral artery, aorta, vena cava) is ruptured, death by blood loss is usually not an immediate concern; if medical treatment is accessible, you've got a very good chance of not bleeding out. The more pressing issue is frequently major organ damage (including to the brain, heart, lungs, and spinal column), and bullets are generally a greater threat in this regard due to their ability to penetrate through dense tissue and bone.
Jan 18 ɥsɐןɯouǝʌ commented on Crowd At MLK Rally Boos Cathy McMorris Rodgers.
@9, 12, 19: Thank you for buying into the Republican/Russian line that Hillary is evil. It was repeated to you loudly enough and often enough, and you internalized it. And so did a lot of people who were convinced not to vote.
And that's how we ended up with the orange fascist.
Jan 18 ɥsɐןɯouǝʌ commented on Here is The Freeze You Ordered.
@7: double heck, that was good
Jan 18 ɥsɐןɯouǝʌ commented on Are These Stickers That Promote White Supremacy Showing Up in Your Neighborhood?.
@15: No, you fuckwit, neo-Nazis think that allowing racial diversity will lead to the end of white people through interracial marriage making everyone a mix. Man, you can't even get your own side's crackpot ideas right.
Dec 8, 2016 ɥsɐןɯouǝʌ commented on Why You Should Give a Damn About the Potentially Endangered Island Marble Butterfly.
Technically that's a chrysalis (lepidopteran pupa). A cocoon is a tough covering produced by most moths to protect the pupa.
Dec 7, 2016 ɥsɐןɯouǝʌ commented on How Trump Turned Christmas Films into Horror Films.
@25: Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ 9)
Do your research.
Dec 7, 2016 ɥsɐןɯouǝʌ commented on Ohio Passes "Heartbeat Bill" that Would Ban Abortions at Six Weeks.
Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justice Kennedy will side with the liberal bloc on issues like this. They've both been in favor of restrictions on late-term abortions, but have given every indication that they (especially Kennedy) favor upholding Roe v. Wade. Alito might end up on either side of the fence depending on circumstances. Thomas is the only one who favors an outright ban on abortion.
There's no way the court will allow abortion to be banned outright even in the worst case scenario (i.e. Ginsburg dies and Orange Man appoints his kids to her and Scalia's seats). What we should be worried about is an erosion of access to second-trimester abortions, which under Roe and Casey states can regulate but not create undue barriers to, but which might be imperiled if some conservative yahoo gets their pet law in front of the Court three years hence.

Fortunately, it's unlikely (in my opinion) that they'll actually go to the trouble to do that. With the gay-marriage culture war won by The Gay Agenda, and with trans issues and anti-discrimination laws getting bogged down, abortion is all they have left to keep the social conservatives outraged. They're unlikely to try and actually push the envelope very far on early-to-mid abortions; instead, they'll pass law after law effectively banning abortion and watch as those librul activist judges strike them down, blatantly refusing to overturn Roe v. Wade.
Nov 29, 2016 ɥsɐןɯouǝʌ commented on The Morning News: Seattle Mexican Consul to Help WA Latinxs Prepare for Trump, Eight Wounded in Knifing Attack at Ohio State University.
@12: Just because war erodes the moral foundations of liberal democracies doesn't mean that Castro's Cuba was ever going to be a liberal democracy, war or no war. Stop trying to shift blame for his regime's atrocities, you credulous apparatchik. (Hey, Iraq under Saddam Hussein was also constantly at war. Does that mean that his crimes were the fault of Iran and the West?)

@13: "pro-deregulation, pro NAFTA outsourcing, pro-fracking, pro-nuclear, pro-money in politics, pro business as usual Clinton supporter"
You accused me of being seven things, and you were accurate about two of them. (I am unabashedly pro nuclear power and a Clinton supporter.) Thanks for proving my point about how you lie and fabricate to try and advance your arguments.