Jul 19 j-lon commented on Light Rail Up 83%.
I love Link, and it's great to see these numbers rising, but it's also important to acknowledge that some of the increased Link ridership is happening because many north end buses now end at Husky Stadium where people transfer onto Link to go downtown (e.g., route 73). Prior to this change, these people would have simply taken the bus all the way downtown. If we eliminated those rides, I'm sure we'd still probably see an increase in Link usage, but the percentage of increase would likely be lower than 83%
Jun 6 j-lon commented on 79 Percent Increase in Link's Boardings.
Agreed @12.

One other point that is worth considering and may require us to temper our enthusiasm somewhat: A lot of the new boardings at Husky are likely due to many north end buses (like the 73) no longer going downtown. So now Route 73 riders going downtown all take light rail, whereas this time last year, all those riders were taking the bus downtown.

In other words, that huge increase in ridership of the light rail probably includes a significant number of people who were using transit before the Husky station stop opened, they just weren't using light rial.

If we excluded all the people who are transferring from a bus to the light rail at Husky stadium, the increase in ridership absent those people would likely be significantly lower. I expect this would be true even if we adjusted for increased bus ridership on lines like the 73, because the transfer to light rail make the trip time more predictable (and at certain times of the day faster as well).

I'm sure there has still been a good bump, but it's not as high as that 79% figure might lead one to believe.
Jun 6 j-lon commented on 79 Percent Increase in Link's Boardings.
Wish they could speed up the next 6 miles to Northgate (or even just the next mile or so up to 45th). 5 years is so long to wait. But wait we must.
May 23 j-lon commented on Four of Nine Seattle City Council Members Are Millionaires.
Gonzales isn't that old, right? Isn't she the youngest member of the council? She didn't finish law school until 2005.

If she graduated from college and law school with significant student loan debt, couldn't that be dragging down her net worth, even if she owns a home or condo? Moreover, if she bought her home or condo at the top of the market 6-7 years ago before thing tanked, she could have been underwater on it until fairly recently, so there might not be much equity there.

Anyway, just a thought. As others have said, most of the other members are older and have probably owned some kind of a home in Seattle since at least the early 2000s. So the numbers aren't super surprising.

Apr 27 j-lon commented on New Building at 16th & Thomas.
I wonder if people in 1916 Seattle thought all the new construction was as ugly as many of us in 2016 Seattle do?
Apr 4 j-lon commented on Five Ways to Make Sound Transit 3 Better Before Sending it to Voters.
@2: Agree with you about parking. ST3 won't pass without it. Moreover, long-term, this will also be a social justice issue, when all of the poor people have been pushed out of Seattle and into the suburbs. Providing parking near stations will at least allow poor people to drive their $1000 cars to the station and take rail into Seattle to their low-wage service industry job.

This is why running rail to Tacoma and Everett is important too.
Mar 15 j-lon commented on Liveslogging Super Tuesday 2.5: The Caesarian Soothsayer Edition.
@4: Might want to take a look at the math. Unless something significant changes for Bernie tonight (not looking that way), it's more or less over for him, regardless of whether we've had a chance to vote here in Washington.

Dems don't do winner-take all primaries. Prior to today, Bernie needed to win 55% of all remaining pledged delegates the rest of the way to pull ahead. He's not close to doing that tonight, which means, he's probably going to need like 60+% of of the remaining delegates to win.

Few people think he's going to win every other contest from here on out 60/40, even if the remaining terrain is more favorable to him.
Mar 15 j-lon commented on Light Rail Isn't Just Coming to Capitol Hill.
As somebody who lived in Capitol Hill for 18 years and now lives in Beacon Hill, March 19 cannot come soon enough.
Feb 16 j-lon commented on Bernie's More Popular than Ever, So Why Is He Still Losing So Badly?.
Just to be clear: The period between 1972-1984 is the only period in 20th century Democratic party history when party insiders did not have a measure of control over who the party's nominee was going to be.

It's not like there was a paradise lost moment back in the olden days when things were more democratic for the grass-roots.

The rules were changed back to giving insiders an extra voice, because the more grass-roots approach was not yielding winning results.
Feb 12 j-lon commented on Paris Is Building the "Most Ambitious New Subway Project in the Western World".
Paris is also over 7 times more dense than the city of Seattle. I bet many of these suburbs are more dense than Seattle is.

So we're not even close to built out in a may that precludes building a broad-reaching rail network. If L.A. can do it (and they are), we can and should be doing it too.