Jan 19, 2011 Karen commented on Stop the Child Sex Trade in Seattle.
@fnarf Let's be clear that these 'child prostitutes' are teenagers. They aren't 5 and 6 year olds walking up and down Aurora forced to turn tricks. While there are many who would rather not in this field of work there are also many where it is the best option they have.

@Brandon Yes and that's the general case country wide. Not to mention that as soon as they turn 18 they change from innocent trafficking victims to criminals who somehow deserve to be trapped in the repeated cycle of arrest and jail. Because everyone knows how easy it is to find a job after a few dozen arrests for prostitution.

Did Slog forget so quickly Operation Cross Country? 884 arrested, the vast majority consensual adult prostitutes trying to make a living. And lets remember that all those teenager were arrested too not saved as the hysteria would try and lead you to believe.

I'll be at the Town Hall meeting but am not hopeful that it will do anything at all.
Jan 8, 2011 Karen commented on Metro's Ban on Political Bus Ads?.
How much does it cost to run an ad on a bus? I've checked Metro's website and the total figure is easily findable but how much for a single bus ad?
Nov 11, 2010 Karen commented on How to Use the Levamisole Test Kit.
If everyone can test their coke before buying (especially dealers), they'll be less willing to spend money on tainted coke. Putting testing materials easily into the hands of the consumers is the only way to discourage poisoning the supply chain. Most drug purchases are inspected for strength/quality/impurities, this testing will become part of the process for a percentage of coke sold.
Nov 8, 2010 Karen commented on Christian Mad Libs.
Why aren't these billboards being vandalized? I'm disappointed every time I drive by one in its original condition. Come on Seattle!
Oct 27, 2010 Karen commented on Seattle Restaurant Week: Worth It?.
Here's why I think events like Seattle Restaurant Week is good for Restaurants:

My partner and I are what are commonly called 'foodies'. Personally I absolutely *hate* the term. As bad as it is for the budget and probably our waistlines, we eat out 5-6 days a week depending on how many leftovers we accumulate. I think its one of the best things of living here! We often try new places especially when we get tired of our favorite dishes that we alternate between at our local places but this encourages even further. I like being able to trust a chef to come up with a set menu that showcases what they think will draw people back in using fresh ingredients that they can acquire at a good price (ie in season) and prepare in interesting ways. Unfortunately most restaurants in this country don't normally carry a set menu (get to it restaurant owners!) so, if anything, I'll splurge as much as I can depending on my schedule. If I can manage to spend $15+$25 instead of whatever the 1 dinner appetizer + 2 dinner entrees is? On a normal day I'll probably have something from the freezer instead of going out because it's more convenient and when we eat dinner there's no way we can eat 3 course of the much larger courses they prepare when they make a set menu of portions that are more reasonably sized.
Oct 11, 2010 Karen commented on Why Is Dino Rossi Advertising on Glee?.
Aren't Republican closet cases by definition really, really dumb queers?
Sep 21, 2010 Karen commented on KC Executive Proposes Cutting All Human Services From the General Fund.
I guess this is the 'fat' that all of the Republicans and Tea Baggers want us to cut so that we can cut taxes for rich people again.
Aug 27, 2010 Karen commented on Mario and Princess Seek Deanna Troi For PAXXXy Times.
I heard about this last night from a friend but now it has been deleted, I'm a hot young female. I like dorky dudes in costumes, WTF???????
Jul 12, 2010 Karen commented on 'Soccer Fans Shun Hookers for Art's Sake'.
Since the numbers of sex workers they were anticipating was bullshit pulled out of thin air, I'm not surprised that it didn't end up being some sort of international hooker convention.
Jun 17, 2010 Karen commented on The New UK Is an Ugly UK.
Isn't this exactly what the Republican party wants? They don't need things like publicly funded roads because they can just buy monster truck like Bentleys and run over the poor for shits n giggles.