Jun 5, 2013 arcos commented on The Media Is Missing Important Microhousing Issues.
Short version of Dennis' statistical revelations:
1/ Micro means small
2/ As a basic rule of averages, some data points will be above the average
3/ Most housing development is for-profit, which means they expect to get a return

Oooof. I really wish this whole conversation on microhousing would provide an opportunity to talk about housing as a basic need instead of a commodity and how we can provide a wider spectrum of housing options, but instead it's this caricaturized pro-dev vs nimby bullshit.

Some ways out:
1/ Separate the notion of people density and building mass/form. What the building looks like from the outside does not determine how many people live in it.
2/ Find ways (local income tax!) to fund public and non-profit housing development. Someone has to build the new housing and fanning the conspiracy flames does nothing
3/ Fix the broken design review board system. Superficial at best, waste of time at worst
May 18, 2011 arcos commented on Cops We Have Loved.
Deep and profound thanks:

To the cop who decided that a man with a shopping bag full of laptops in Pike Place seemed suspicious, one of which was mine that had been fingered out of the coat room during a work meeting.

To the detective who turned on my laptop, found a copy of my resume, and called me before the meeting had even ended.
Mar 31, 2011 arcos commented on Governor Would Have Sued to Keep Referendum Off Ballot.
A binding and enforceable contract!? Does anyone give a shit about SEPA anymore? Or is it just a fancy way of ass-covering so we can still pretend that we're a city and a state that cares about the environment?
Mar 29, 2011 arcos commented on The Seattle Way Viaduct.
ug @55 4% of viaduct traffic is freight, and considering that there won't be any downtown exits, I'd guess that the tunnel numbers would be even lower. So your option A is entirely straw man.
Mar 18, 2011 arcos commented on City Design Commission Rejects Tunnel Portal.
Slide 7 is a perfect example of why you should always be weary plans have the word 'open space' in them.
Wow, 37% more open space! That's entirely unusable. In a downtown. But hey, at least there are a ton of tree dots on the plan, right!
Mar 4, 2011 arcos commented on Seattle: One Taco Closer to Becoming a Real City.
If you'd like to get updates about legislative actions, vendor meetings, cart openings, and other street food related news, being a fan of the Seattle Street Food Forum on FB will keep you in the loop (www.facebook.com/pages/Seattle-Street-Fo…;;)
Nov 2, 2009 arcos commented on McGinn vs. Mallahan: Their Last Debate.
If Everett's the pearl of the West Coast, why doesn't he go try driving efficiencies there and leave us the hell alone
Sep 27, 2009 arcos commented on Name This Band.
Wide Stance Dance Pants
Sep 16, 2009 arcos commented on Joe Mallahan, Idiot.
They left out another one of his good lines. Directly to an older lady, "I'm a man of principle, and I know you are too."