Feb 22, 2014 Badger commented on I, Anonymous.
Whatever happened to politely asking someone to tone it down?
Aug 8, 2013 Badger commented on The World's Most Well-Made Clothes for the Dead.
Mark used to rent movies from me when I worked at Video Vertigo up on the hill. He was one of my favorite customers - I can't wait to see his beautiful work showcased at the Frye.
Aug 7, 2013 Badger commented on Worn Out.
I adore Simon Doonan - his book Eccentric Glamour is practically my bible!
Aug 7, 2013 Badger commented on KIRO Tells Cabbies: "Take a Shower.".
Problems I have had with cab drivers in Seattle.

1. Perfume, incense, aftershave etc. - I've never noticed a cab driver's B.O., but I've had some pretty severe allergy attacks due to the artificial fragrances.

2. There have been a few ocasions where a taxi driver has taken me to the wrong address - or has taken a ridiculously long route to get there, and then pretended not to understand me when I complained about paying the extra fare.

3. Dispatchers being assholes if I called to confirm that the taxi was indeed on it's way. I had been waiting an hour in the rain for what was supposed to take 10 minutes. Don't get bitchy at me because your driver isn't here!

Jun 28, 2013 Badger commented on If They Can't Make Money in Phoenix, Why the Hell Would the Coyotes Want to Play at KeyArena?.
I would love to see coyotes playing in key arena. They could put up the high walls and let them run around chasing each other - it would be like the puppy bowl, except that I could get tickets and see it live!
Jun 26, 2013 Badger commented on Wigs and Eggs.
One thing that you didn't mention - which may (or may not) be of interest is that Sylvia's show is relatively family friendly - much like the original stage run of Pee Wee's playhouse.
May 21, 2013 Badger commented on Rightwing Anti-Gay French Activist Commits Suicide at Notre Dame Cathedral.
The guy clearly had problems - it is a shame he chose to solve them in public, with a gun. My condolences to the witnesses, but I cannot mourn the death of a racist homophobic mad bomber.
May 16, 2013 Badger commented on It's Spring! Who's Ready for Street Harassment?.
I used to work at a video store at Pike and Boren - we were open until Midnight on week-ends, and I was on the closing shift. I was harassed almost every night on my way home. I had guys in cars follow me for blocks, I had homeless dudes telling me to "smile", I had drunk guys try to grab me - and call me names when I pulled away. If it happened to me, a not-particularly attactive, dumpy chick in her early 40's it can (and does) happen to anyone. It isn't about men thinking you are attractive, it is about men sizing you up as a potential victim - it isn't a compliment, it is a threat, and it fucking SUCKS.

If you are guy who harasses women please STOP. If you are a guy who witnesses a woman being harassed and you just stand around and watch it happen, then you are part of the problem.
May 9, 2013 Badger commented on Your Dog Sucks.
I love dogs, but my dog is an asshole. Because of this, I NEVER let her run around off leash (except at the dog park). If she were off leash and stole somebody's food, or jumped on them, or barked at them - I would feel terrible, and so should the people who allowed their beagle to harass Dan!

As a side note, when I was a teenager an unleashed German shepherd attacked me and I kicked it to death, so I am very aware of how terrifying an unleashed animal can be. It took me years to get over the PTSD and nightmares.

Keep your animals under control.
May 2, 2013 Badger commented on Watch SPD Liberally Apply Pepper Spray to Protester Faces.
When the police ask you to walk away, then turn your fucking back and walk away. What the hell is wrong with people that makes them do otherwise - especially considering the SPD's reputation?