May 9, 2010 TylTay commented on Supreme Ironies.
Baconcat dude or dudette, get some are angry and overly antagonistic…as well as off point.

@15 Jake: It is considered crass to blog under a different name and complement your sub par work….
May 8, 2010 TylTay commented on Supreme Ironies.

Your appalling attempt at antagonism reveals a yearlong, festering, self-inflicted wound that you will not stop licking to let it heal.

It’s clouding your judgment to the point that you cannot even see this pathetic excuse of an article by Jake Blumcart was as poorly written piece of The Stranger tripe as ever to grace a less than fresh fish on Pike Street.

This is not just my humble opinion; none of the other 12 comments including yours state that this is a first-class article or well written. Why?; because it wasn’t.

Blumcart completely called this one in for his rice bowl. It is racked with rhetoric and reeks of irrational speculation as other comments have indicated.

Instead of contributing something of substance or improving the author’s conclusions in the article, you attacked congenial me.

Your word choice in your last post was particularly poor, indicating you might have been inebriated or high when you blogged…hopefully not due to the aforementioned wound…if it was, then Baconcat, dude; either get over R-71 or get some therapy.

May 6, 2010 TylTay commented on Supreme Ironies.
Only in your jaundice eyes Adrian Ryan, you self-serving potty mouthed mooncalf.
May 6, 2010 TylTay commented on Tax Me, I’m Rich!.
@21 Spoken like a bona fide dupe. What would be the incentive for someone to work and make more than a million dollars if it only goes to the government?

What ends up happening in such a system are the capitalist on the top don’t go away. They merely shift from the productive folks that built the fortunes and earned the money to incompetent politically motivated government bureaucrats.

Government corruption becomes epidemic.

Innovation and incentives to innovate die rapidly meanwhile the government becomes increasingly more paranoid and abusive to the very people they are supposed to be serving.

It is called socialism; a system that has been proven not to work. 100 million + people died violent, premature deaths, directly due to this awful governmental system.

Those who do not study history are damn to repeat its mistakes…
May 6, 2010 TylTay commented on Supreme Ironies.
Why is it always pro-gay versus ant-gay with The Stranger?

Could it possibly be that Justice Scalia is more concerned with the US Constitution than The Stranger’s Liberal Gay Agenda?

It is impossible to second guess the Supremes. This piece of written tripe is nothing but a lazy reporter calling one in for his rice bowl. What is more pathetic are publications and bloggers who buy into this twaddle as if it is authoritative. It is not.

Oh I get it now. The faults we first think we see in others we know to be true in ourselves. It’s The Stranger that would compromise the law and the constitution in order to move forward their personal agenda….

I see your true colors shining through…..
Apr 29, 2010 TylTay commented on Tax Me, I’m Rich!.
Sure. Only soak the rich folks next year. We will get the coveted middle class a few years from now. I trust the those liberal pickpockets in Olympia with income tax money as much as I trust a drug addict with the keys to a Pharmacy. They screwed up and lost Boeing and we get to pay the price…

It is time to stop going to the tax payers for bad budgeting bailouts and look to reducing the size of state government. We need a change in the House, the Senate and the Governor’s office.

The DNC put us into this mess they need to go...
Apr 29, 2010 TylTay commented on Mad Haters.

Wow Baconcat I heard you were dead...some weird accident I believe…glad you are still among the living…
As for spreading propaganda; well the faults we first see in others we KNOW to be true in ourselves; wouldn't you agree?

R71 was rejected in November by almost of the entire state. If it were not for highly ethical King County Elections office, it would not have passed. R-71 was one of the greatest David & Goliath stories in Washington State History yet unsung. It made history. The pro gay side of the equation behaved despicably as we will see when this issue is decided by the US Supreme Court.

This aside; the Tea Party Crowd is mostly harmless. What is dangerous are those leftwing nuts who damage property during economic summits, spike trees and destroy research labs. Don’t forget to take a look at the violent liberal protesters in Arizona this week and how they were physically assaulting the police. I didn’t see such video with the Tea Party.

The truth is, the leftwing nuts can do all kinds of violent acts and it is ignored or applauded by the mass media. The rightwing nuts break wind and they are labeled racist hurting the environment. by the same mass media.
Apr 15, 2010 TylTay commented on Mad Haters.
Pot makes for paranoia but Eli, wow….

So what. There is a nut case that lives in Central Washington? Hell you have bigger freaks working at the Stranger….(Have you seen Dominic Holden ‘s articles in the last year or so?)

Check out how many leftwing nuts have threatened conservative representatives in the past ten years…. It goes with the territory of being in the public spotlight…dude.

There are nut cases everywhere in every movement. Honestly the left has more violent ones than the right. Did you remember the economic summit in Seattle?, How about the Earth Liberation Front spikings and bombings? Does Ted Kaczynski bring back any memories? What about those dudes burning churches a few years back? ACT-Up to name just a few?????

Calling the Tea party dudes fringe is nothing less than bad reporting at worse or propagating propaganda at best,

Trying to associate them with this nut case is just plain lame Eli…..

Don’t be such a tool….Do better….
Dec 31, 2009 TylTay commented on Health-Care Deal Breaker.
The Urban Institute estimates that 137,000 people died between 2000 and 2006 because they were uninsured.

As I said in my first post on this topic:

"Unless the Federal Government pays the contracts to kill the unborn, Cantwell and Murrary will deny tens of millions of people healthcare.

Wow, that’s monstrous on SO many levels."

Well Rip City, it shows you for what you really are: All potty mouth and no substance...
Dec 14, 2009 TylTay commented on Health-Care Deal Breaker.
Rip Rip Rip:

It is good to see you can write 23 words without using profanity. From reading some other non-Rip written post however, your potty pen is not unique apparently. From the previous 25 posts, let’s recap.

I think that Murray and Cantwell are monstrous for holding up healthcare for MILLIONS over a single issue of the using tax dollars to pay for abortions. You and others slung a string of irreverent metaphors to primitively register your disagreement.

Rev Smith in an attempt to pseudo-mediate the debate, inadvertently introduced the logic flaw of the argument. He stated the “founders that gave us the right to bear arms also gave us the right to choose not to. “ The founders never offered to pay for the arms for every citizen.

If Obama-care is so necessary that we need to immediately vote in 10,000+ pages of unread legislation and spend trillions to help out the 20 million uninsured, it is amoral to hold up such urgency if it truly exists. If this urgency does not exist, then let’s slow down the process, read through the legislation and make intelligent changes versus VERY wasteful, costly mistakes.

This is not the case with the democrats however. They insist this is an emergency; it must be done before August 1st 2009. Their approach is similar to a declaration of war after an attack by a foreign power.

Let’s continue with Rev Smith point about the right to bear arms.

Imagine two senators holding up legislation to go to war with Japan in 1941 unless the US Government was willing to pay for arms for every American who wanted them.

Clearing away the emotionally charged issue of abortion and replace it with gun ownership helps clear the air to see the bigger point of the absurdity of Murray and Cantwell’s position.

Rev Smith:

Leave some contact information for Rip so he may attend your services.