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Jun 5, 2009 sund-Seattle commented on Thinking Small.
Shame on Sally Clark and her comments, are you kidding me? (I just went on a personal crusade after reading this) PReaching affordable housing in SEATTLE (which is what we are really talking about) and then talking out of the other side of your mouth is a crying shame. I also love the guy trying to sell his $875K house in the article, apparrently if you are willing to pay $500-$550/month in rent you are a rotten person, good to know, thanks for the heads up, I was going to hire a kid from the UW as an intern this summer. Scratch that candidate off the list.
What Mr Mulhair is doing is providing something the freakin City Leaders havent been able to get off their collective asses and structure themselves, get to work you blowhards! A percentage of units in a $100M + building isnt solving the problem here, thats a developer reach around for high end projects.