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Jul 14, 2014 pablissima commented on Report: Seattle Police Investigating Rape Allegation Against Uber Driver.
@7, @8, you are also told what the driver's license plate number is
May 19, 2014 pablissima commented on When the “No Snitch Code” Becomes an Excuse.
@42, if someone ever hit and killed my dog, I doubt that I could possibly react in a reasonable manner. HIS DOG WAS JUST KILLED! He gets a pass on reacting to the people responsible. It would have been more to the point to say there were no arrests because the poor guy's dog was just killed and he was distraught? He was not the bad guy here.
May 2, 2014 pablissima commented on Eating Red Meat at Ethan Stowell's New Red Cow.
Goddamnit! I wish he wasn't such a prick so I could eat there, but he is, so I won't.
Mar 18, 2014 pablissima commented on Sawant Proposes Three-Year Minimum Wage Phase-In for Small Businesses, Starting at $11/Hour in 2015.
@21, only tight wads tip a meager 15% now.
Feb 26, 2014 pablissima commented on Rand Paul Blocks Surgeon General Nominee for Believing Guns Are Hazardous To Your Health.
@19 homicides are not the only ways in which guns are a public health issue. When you add accidental deaths related to guns and sucide, you're up more around 30k. It's the second leading injury death after car crashes. Then we can add another 80k non-lethal firearm related injuries per year.

over 100k deaths and injuries per year certainly seems like a significant public health issue to me
Sep 28, 2013 pablissima commented on Bye-Bye, Barilla, Hello...?.
@65--They sell fresh lasagna sheets at Pasta and Co
Sep 27, 2013 pablissima commented on Bye-Bye, Barilla, Hello...?.
@58: I honestly have no dog in this fight, and don't really pay attention to the minutiae of pronoun usage on comment threads, but I'm actually quite surprised by how much umbrage you are taking to that post. It wasn't vicious. It was merely mocking someone who, granted, is not on this thread, but does say a lot of outrageously ludicrous things, like those pointed out above. I honestly would never have known that there was any kind of rule about not mentioning frequent posters who are not in a given thread. It seems like people start a lot of comment threads by invoking something joking or even derisive anticipating what Fnarf or Will in Seattle would say. I really don't understand why this is any different, or if that is a new rule that's developed and since I rarely participate in commenting on threads.

Also, for the record, I don't generally pay enough attention to the details of perfect strangers' posts to remember things like gender. I'm usually just responding to the comments at hand.
Sep 27, 2013 pablissima commented on Bye-Bye, Barilla, Hello...?.
@55: Calm down. I don't think anyone took the (s)he thing as anything remotely transphobic. That is a pretty standard way of using the third-person singular pronoun when one doesn't know the gender of the person being referred to. Whether you have an issue with the other poster's referencing a commenter not on this thread, suggesting there was anything transphobic about that post is a little out there.
Sep 27, 2013 pablissima commented on Bye-Bye, Barilla, Hello...?.
@10--there is no great mystery to pasta water. or rather, if there is, it is that you ignore that bit on the box of pasta that tells you to put a pinch of salt in the water. First of all, you need a lot of water. for a pound of pasta, you want at least 10 quarts of water. And when that water comes to a boil, you salt the shit out of it. Not a dash. Not a tablespoon. Think in terms of handsful. The first rule of pasta club is that the water needs to be as salty as the sea. Taste it, and add more salt if it isn't. Don't add the pasta until the water tastes like you're drinking the Mediterranean Sea.
Aug 24, 2013 pablissima commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Well, Here's a Reason to Ban Guns in Coffee Shops?.
Or perhaps it is just a good way of pointing out that there is a very good reason not to want armed people in your place of business--because they get this stupid sense of entitlement knowing that they have power over everyone else, so they behave like the shitty entitled children that they are.

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