Oct 1, 2014 Aerach commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mastering New Relationship Skills.
So... that conversation went as well as could be imagined. He understood there was something I needed that he could not provide but did not want to lose me over, asked some questions about parameters and declared that he trusted me to stay within those and to please not give him too much detail.

Thanks all. :)
Sep 15, 2014 Aerach commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mastering New Relationship Skills.
@27: People just starting to explore their kinks very often seem to take time to move from wonderful fantasies built up over years to more nuanced interactions.

Only time (or more vanilla experience than I have, perhaps) can sort that from outright abusers or controlling subs (i have met the former and had a phase of the latter).

In this case he has more than earned the benefit of the doubt by being an all around wonderful and supportive person.
Sep 15, 2014 Aerach commented on What Happens After the Fall of Mars Hill?.
Hillsong are huge in Australia. Hillsong are hugely influential in government and charity (with strings attached, of course). Hillsong are like you most bigoted of denominations, but combined with proper media savvy largely concealing their vileness from moderates who find it hard to believe they could ~really~ think something like that.

My local Hillsong member for parliament told me personally it was a shame I didn't kill myself instead of corrupting society with my homosexuality.

For a clearer explanation of their moral and ethical rigor, they are closely affiliated with the ~enormous~ Benny Hinn Ministries - the most cliche of theatrical 'faith healers'.
Sep 15, 2014 Aerach commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mastering New Relationship Skills.
Your first paragraph @23 is unexpected, Philophile. I literally cannot comprehend a more 'open and honest' approach than sharing the entirety of my sexual interests, and taking a few weeks to decide how best to unravel a mutual miscommunication hardly feels like withholding.

It's just me agreeing with your second paragraph, making sure i'm careful about clearing it up rather than improvising and exacerbating it. Unless you think i'm making excuses for myself when I feel that it's only natural these conversations progress slowly when we meet only ~monthly due to distance?
Sep 13, 2014 Aerach commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mastering New Relationship Skills.
Though in hindsight I would have made the anecdote a ~little~ less specific than I did, instead of assuming it would be edited/cut down more than it was. So to any family who figure out who I am... yeah, sorry about that. But what's Savage Love without the odd bit of squick? :p
Sep 13, 2014 Aerach commented on SL Letter of the Day: Mastering New Relationship Skills.
Hello there. I'm TIED! And i'm rather pleased with the helpful answer and comments. (and relative scarcity of trolling - #5 of course i'm a faggot and #19 if it's aimed at either me or my BF your assertion is laughable considering neither of us have done anything to this point but the normal discussions a relationship must need to be maintainable in the long term, I just needed help conveying my perspectives in the fairest way). I think i've had more than enough insights to help navigate the conversation - hopefully without losing him, but if that's what happens then I guess better early and without bitterness than later.

There was indeed social phobia going on... but i've largely dealt with it. That is why my letter somewhat emphasised being in a life position more closely resembling a recent school leaving teenager. I'm a bit nervous still, but now it's 'normal' nervous, not mental-illness nervous. I'm excited to see how the ups and downs of the next year outside my bubble go, even. :)

I was 50/50 on Recon and my profile even described being in 'a dom mood' when my wonderful bitch contacted me - so no arguments of deception on my part fly! And when I promised not to contact others on Recon he had not yet come out with 'i never want to see you helpless', so my rollback won't be coming out of nowhere or unreasonable... but neither will his request for monogamy, since he's enjoyed the dynamic we have had so far.

On the other hand i'm not willing to sit on it for years and then spring it out on someone later, I feel that would be wrong. The suggestions to put an explicit time limit to it were particularly useful.
Nov 5, 2013 Aerach commented on SLLOTD: Eeeewwwwww.
The article isn't about rimming, #2.
Sep 11, 2013 Aerach commented on Savage Love.
All this hypersensitivity makes no sense. Is it really that hard for most of the guy readers to comprehend wanting something sometimes but thinking it'd be a bit much for general use? *eyeballs his more dramatic plugs*
Aug 15, 2013 Aerach commented on Required Viewing: People Destroying America.
Hulu works in the US only. Could someone give me and other international Sloggers the cliff notes of what is being conveyed?
Jun 9, 2013 Aerach commented on If That Former Green Beret and Iraq War Vet Had Been Armed He Could Have Protected Himself From....
It feels weird being the devil's advocate here as an Australian gun hater but... 'daddy what's this' implies not having any idea that guns are dangerous. A four year old is big enough to have been taught not to touch/use all sorts of things and in the US surely guns should be right up there with kitchen implements and ovens for 'never touch'? It feels a great pity that such was not done in this instance :/