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May 12, 2011 magpiegirl commented on Anger, Confusion Over Firing Of Ingraham High School Principal.
What is going on here? Ingraham has this beautiful IB program in it's early years of development. Why jeapordize the leadership of a program that could finally put our education system on-par with acclaimed European institutions?

I am so fed up with the Seattle Public Schools. Thank god my kids had a great Elementary shool experience under the leadership of Principal Susan McCloskey at BF Day. (Middle school is not going as well, as we have lackluster leadership there.) An effective, invested, beloved principal makes all the difference to a school. Unless there is something deeply dysfunctional going on with students or money, it seems odd that the school district would fire Principal Floe.
Oct 17, 2010 magpiegirl commented on Teachers Union Angry About Plan to Cut Family Support.
My children are in Seattle Public Schools and even in our neighborhood (Fremont) there have been years when half our local Elementary school had up to 40% of the kids on free and reduced lunch. (i.e. low income). I've seen how essential Family Support Workers are to the success of these children.

This program was already hit hard with No Child Left Behind fall out, when school support workers were required to focus only on the educational needs (ie. testing) of the students and not on basic needs. (How is a child supposed to do well on tests when they aren't getting adequate food, clothing or shelter. But I digress...)

As a society, we should support and makes space for all our people. We really must find a way to retain it. Does anyone know who we should be lobbying?
Jun 5, 2009 magpiegirl commented on Health Department Temporarily Shuts Down Skillet.
Urgh it's too bad Josh and Co tried to cut corners, but I'm glad they're getting it together and can reopen.

The health department is incredibly picky -- and random -- and what they enforce and who they inspect. I once handed out cake at the Seattle Wedding Expo and we nearly got shut down because our hot water dispenser had a button you had to push and hold instead of a hand-free faucet. Keep in mind this was in a booth at a convention hall and we were handing out cake with gloved hands. I'm just saying...

I also don't get why people are so up in arms about Skillet being "trendy. Josh used his head, came up with a good idea, and makes yummy, clever food in an intriguing way. I'm like it when people take the seriousness out of good food and make eating fun again.

Here's hoping Skillet can get all it's ducks in a row and keep bringing a little joy and a lot of good taste to Seattle.