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Apr 20, 2013 Aroseallyn commented on Guess Who's All Pissed Off at Our Story About "Swan Lake"?.
If some one wrote a juvenile negative review of a classic movie would you snarkily write that people who were offended were part of the "film community"? I think not. Somehow though the attitude of this paper is that people who like dance (one of the most popular and ubiquitous forms of art there is) are part of a marginal community that you can dismiss for a laugh? Well, mission accomplished. If your mission was to provoke the "dance community" with a thoughtless article and then alienate them from ever taking your paper serious again. I mean, if you want thoughtful responses, try publishing something WORTH commenting on. (Hint: don't publish that article that's burning up your hard-drive on "How A Tale of Two Cities was just SOOOOOO hard to read sophomore year"- you might hear back from the literature community.)
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Apr 20, 2013 Aroseallyn commented on Swan Lake Is So Goddamned Boring.
Well, I TRIED to read this. I really did. But I couldn't get too far into it. Because, guess what, it was boring as heck. Know your audience author-dude. The thing with Swan Lake- and what makes it so magical, is that most people have an acquaintance with it already- even if it's just some half-remembered christmas broadcast that they barely watched. So when they sit down to see it (even ballet newbies) they can APPRECIATE it, the story IS familiar, it IS simplistic, the better for you to take in the nuances, the acting, the artistry etc. Have you ever watched children watch Swan Lake? They are ENRAPTURED because they GET it. I've taken many people to see Swan Lake and I never had anyone complain about boredom (that's for the opera in my experience, which is much more obscure for the people I've dragged to it.) If you can't sit down and watch an amazing display or athleticism, artistry, choreography, costume, dancing, music etc without checking your phone or bouncing your leg- maybe the problem is with your attention span? Or lack there of? Also, for comparison's sake I took a middle-aged friend and complete dance newbie to see a modern dance performance choreographed by Benjamin Millepied and she couldn't stop talking all the way through. Because she was bored. She didn't understand it. It's not her fault, she's not rude, it's just the vocabulary of modern dance hasn't infiltrated the masses the way the vocabulary of classical ballet has (also I think some of the atonal music was off-putting for her). I was totally into it because I could see how he was playing with classical forms AND modern stuff- remaking old dances, using old stories in modern ways. My point is- there's room for both kinds of dance- modern and classical (thank god) but to complain in a shallow way that the 4 attention deficit people you took to see Swan Lake "were bored" is NOT the way to get more people to love/support/see modern dance. Also, point of fact- Swan Lake is re-run over and over again because it and Nutcracker are most companies money makers for the entire year. They get to do interesting new things that no one comes to see because tickets to the big two sell out every year. It's like opera companies and Tosca. They HAVE to run it. For which I am glad. There are very good reasons why Tosca, Swan Lake, and Nutcracker are considered masterpieces. You're not taking a chance on a $100 ticket (for one) when you go see any of them the way you are with an equally expensive ticket to see an "interesting new choreographers" work.