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Aug 6, 2009 B. Peregrine commented on Savage Love.
Dan (and others) are absolutely right that lesbians can get STIs from each other. However, before you insult lesbians who think they can't, consider this: I am a lesbian who has never had sex with a man. I have been told BY DOCTORS that I do not need pap smears or STI testing because I only have sex with women. While I recognize this as extremely bad (even dangerous) advice, others who trust their doctors to give sound medical advice may actually believe their doctors. And doctors SHOULD be trusted to give sound medical advice, even to lesbians! So until all doctors are actually educated about the risk of STIs to lesbians and other finger-fuckers or carpet-munchers, we should be insulting or complaining about DOCTORS, not the women who listen to them.
Jul 21, 2009 B. Peregrine commented on Savage Love.
WIAPI, Dan's right that you'll always be frustrated with whatever gender you're romantically or sexually involved with. But part of the reason why men (not individually, but as a group) are so particularly bad is that we live in a sexist society. Our society teaches men that being an asshole is good and natural, and this attitude - which effects everybody, even feminists, and even feminist men - hurts people of all genders. I suggest you read some feminist literature. Not the scary militant kind, but the friendly kind. Finally, Feminism 101 [http://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com/] is a good resource for non-scary explanations of feminist concepts, and Feministing [http://www.feministing.com/] is a great source of news and current events from a non-scary feminist perspective. Educating yourself about feminism won't make you less angry, but it will start giving you some answers to your question. And it might make you feel more empowered, too.
Jul 15, 2009 B. Peregrine commented on Savage Love.
I have to say, Dan: you've got some hypocritical, intolerant nerve to rip CAEM a new one over his faith and accuse The Schismatic of intolerance *in the same column*.

For those (like CAEM, perhaps) who are actually interested in exploring how Christian faith and healthy homosexuality can coexist, I highly recommend the documentary "For the Bible Tells Me So." (Website here: http://www.forthebibletellsmeso.org/inde…)
Jul 2, 2009 B. Peregrine commented on Fort Worth: Police Chief Promises Kinder, Gentler Homophobic Bar Raids.
I know that sensitivity training sounds excessive--how much "training" does it take to get people to be decent human beings? But the reality is that it can make a difference. I hope it really happens; at the very least it may show Fort Worth police officers that their community cares about making sure this kind of thing doesn't happen again.
Jun 19, 2009 B. Peregrine commented on Thrown Another Bone.
This kind of creeps me out, actually. My government doesn't want to give me full civil rights, but it DOES want to know what kind of relationship I'm in? Oh yes, let's keep tabs on all the gays! Maybe we'll even get a headcount proving that queers are an insignificant portion of the American population, so we don't have to bother pandering to them anymore!
Jun 16, 2009 B. Peregrine commented on Civil Disobedience: A Proposal.
I'd totally be willing to go to D.C. and do this.

There's no reason straight couples couldn't join in, get arrested, and show their support too. Or even singles, for that matter. Anyone who can show up on the steps, ask about DOMA, and refuse to leave could help.
Jun 6, 2009 B. Peregrine commented on I'm On The Cop's Side.
The cop did the right thing, but the fact that the dogs were pit bulls is IRRELEVANT.