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Jun 6, 2009 tcelovsky commented on Thinking Small.
NIMBYism at its best.

He’s charging $550 per mo in rent. Typically, people shouldn’t pay more than 30% of their gross monthly income on housing (rent/mortgage, utilities, taxes, etc). If they do, they start falling quickly behind. If rent is $550, utilities are probably $80-100 putting total at $650 per mo in housing. $650 is the equivalent of $900 in gross, pretax income. If it’s 30%, that equates to $3,000 per month in gross, pretax salary, or $36,000 per year. Ya aint sketchy if you’re making $35-40k per year salary. “Sketchy” people sell drugs, steal and get by at the expense of others while contributing nothing to society. His tenants are the working poor… too busy and contributing too much to society to be sketchy.

This type of analysis should be presented to City Council and the Planning Dept. Perhaps by a nonprofit or an advocacy group in Seattle. This type of housing is called workforce housing. It’s commonly built by for-profit and nonprofit developers to provide quality, affordable housing to waitresses, clerks, janitors, etc that make more than poverty-level wages yet work their asses off to serve the snobby rich. It allows them to live close enough to work so they can rely on city services and not pay an arm and a leg (in time and money) for transportation to and from their low paying jobs.

The City fathers should have done their homework to realize this developer was building housing for 4 times the number of residents they approved. A few simple questions would have revealed the number of tenants in the project. Shame on Seattle's local government and shame on the snobs that frown on such projects.