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5:47 PM XiaoGui17 commented on Savage Love.
Excuses people use to bum free work:

(1) It's a service profession, so it's not like you're actually giving away anything concrete. ("Free 2 U")

(2) It's a creative/ artistic profession. ("Exposure")

(3) What you provide is an inherent right, therefore you have no right to withhold it from anyone because of their inability to pay. ("Bleeding Marx")

(4) You love your job. ("Hardly Working")

(5) We're friends, so you shouldn't charge me like everyone else. ("Real Friends")

You become a connoisseur of this kind of bullshit in Austin, the bum capital of the world.
Aug 21 XiaoGui17 commented on Pro-Choice Activists Might Want to Emulate These Gay Boys.
@12 & 13: Get a grip. @10 was NOT calling abortion baby-murder, they were simply explaining that this is the pro-life perception of abortion. That is an accurate assessment.

Personally, I'd love to do counter-protests not at churches necessarily, but at Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Just hand out pamphlets explaining that (1) This is not a medical clinic, (2) It is not legally required to keep your information confidential, (3) If you want a free pregnancy test, I have one from CVS right here, and (4) If you want to go to a real clinic where you can get real medical advice, I'm more than willing to drive you.
Aug 21 XiaoGui17 commented on SL Letter of the Day: For Better or Worse.
@39 "She hasn't given him an opportunity to work it out WITH her..."

He doesn't deserve that chance.

The best way for an emotionally abusive, irresponsible dick to keep a crappy relationship going is to insist he deserves another chance, to bitch that he didn't get a clear enough warning, etc. Goodness knows I dealt with that. There will never be enough chances for that kind of prick.

I'm fucking sorry, but any sane human being knows his conduct is not acceptable to anyone with a shred of self-respect. If he's genuinely surprised when she walks out, it's because he's so dysfunctional he has no idea what a decent relationship looks like. In any case, it's not her problem. She has to look out for herself and her kids. He can deal with his own issues before he dates someone else again, or drink himself to death--and good fucking riddance.
Aug 19 XiaoGui17 commented on SL Letter of the Day: Code Breakers.
I second all the commenters who said 40-year-old "boys" attracted to women in crises are emotionally immature. I also second all the commenters who said get your shit together instead of trying to find a woman who hasn't got hers together.

You'll keep losing girlfriends if you scoop them up mid-crisis. For one, you're not going to be a partner helping a woman resolve her crises if you're a hot mess as well that doesn't even want her to get better. And two, once they get their own shit together, they'll start to realize they're too good for you.
Jun 23 XiaoGui17 commented on Savage Love.
I appreciate OSW's recommendation, because I think it veers more into the territory of constructive criticism. "YesAllWomen," frankly, didn't really strike me as helpful at all. Complaining about what you don't like, without any suggestion about what to do about it, isn't helpful. Coming up with what men can do is helpful. It's the old stereotype about women loving to complain but hating any sort of practical solution to the issue.
May 4 XiaoGui17 commented on SL Letter of the Day: The Bi Girl's Dilemma.
A lot of lesbians seem to have gotten an awful impression of bi women. I think it's because they were actually hooking up with het women that lied about being "bi." I suspect what's going on is this:

(1) Het girl's boyfriend has less than stellar cunt-lapping skills

(2) Het girl doesn't have the heart to tell him this

(3) Het girl figures a woman would be better at it

(4) Het girl figures her boyfriend would love to see some girl-on-girl action

(5) Het girl declares herself "bi," much to boyfriend's delight

(6) Het girl uses a lesbian as an accessory to her inadequate bf

(7) Het girl never reciprocates lesbian's sexual favors or feelings

(8) Lesbian gets heartbroken by het pillow princess

(9) Lesbian swears off bi women

NOW HEAR THIS: If you are a woman that is open to either men or women eating your pussy, but you have absolutely no desire whatsoever to eat pussy or be in a relationship with a woman, you are NOT "bisexual." You are NOT "bicurious." You are heteroflexible, the "flexible" part being that you don't care what genitals happen to be related to the sex-neutral organ known as the tongue. Please stop turning lesbians away from bi women, m'kay? Tell your boyfriend to learn to eat some fucking poon. His bruised ego will get over it, or you're well rid of him.
May 4 XiaoGui17 commented on SL Letter of the Day: He's Single, Ladies.
@88 "It isn't the kind, gentle personalities that are walloping their wives."

WRONG! The abusive types typically don't walk right up and act domineering when you meet. They present as Prince Charming, White Knight, Nice Guy at first. They are hopeless romantics. But they snap when the script they have in their head of rescuing their damsel in distress doesn't play out as planned.

It's not that abusers consider themselves "dominant" or take-charge. It's that they're throwing a hissy fit like a child who didn't get his way, except a three-year-old lacks the physical strength to break a person's nose.

All that crapola you claim to have heard from the battered women about how they "like a man who takes charge" is retroactive justification, not what actually attracted them to the man in the first place. I've also heard excuses like, "He's so much sweeter when he's sober," or "The poor dear lost control, he can't help it!" Things of that nature.

@91 & @93 NAILED IT!
Apr 21 XiaoGui17 commented on Three-Year-Old Girl Second Amendments Two-Year-Old Brother.
@28 & @29 Oh FFS. "Died from his injuries at a hospital" is commonly used in journalism to indicate two things:
(1) He died days later, not immediately at the scene, and
(2) It was the gunshot wound that killed him, not some secondary complication such as an infection.

Why would you read into that some tortured attempt to "absolve the gun"? It seems to me the phrase serves a purpose of clarifying the sequence of events. No more, no less.
Apr 21 XiaoGui17 commented on Three-Year-Old Girl Second Amendments Two-Year-Old Brother.
"I'm sure the overwhelming opinion from the majority of people that the father did nothing wrong and that his supposed anguish over losing his son (side note: what if he didn't/doesn't love his kids? what if he's happy to see them dead?) is punishment enough had absolutely no role to play in his decision to be an irresponsible idiot."

There's a huge distinction between "losing the child is punishment enough" and "the father did nothing wrong." The phrase "punishment enough" acknowledges that the father deserves punishment, which inherently admits that he did something wrong. As for taking the daughter away, I personally agree. But the point there isn't so much to punish the father as it is to ensure the daughter's safety.
Apr 19 XiaoGui17 commented on SL Letter of the Day: After the Fuct.
@23 The over-correction of "up with which I will not put" is a classic exaggeration of the pretzels people will twist their sentences into in order to avoid getting flagged down by the grammar police. It goes back at least to the 1940's. The story goes that some obnoxious proofreader marked a sentence because it ended in a preposition, and the original author replied that the markup was "ridiculous pedantry, up with which I will not put."

There's also the shitkicker who got into Harvard:
"Where's the library at?"
*Sniff.* "Here at Harvard, we do not end a sentence in a preposition."
"Okay. Where's the library at, asshole?"

P.S. Also, "up" is not the preposition in question. The preposition is "with." Imagine how the sentence would be phrased without the correction: "This is something I will not put up with."

P.P.S. There's actually no grammatical rule against ending a phrase with a preposition. Should the resulting sentence create ambiguity in the relationships between various phrases (especially when spoken aloud), it is merely advised against. ;)

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