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Feb 14 XiaoGui17 commented on The King and I is Worth Getting to Know.
I could get past the generic "colonial" nature of the narrative where an enlightened Western Christian comes in and teaches the oafish native cleverly and patiently what he's doing wrong. I could look past that as dated, and appreciate the show for the general themes of megalomania and whatnot.

That is, I could, were it not for The King and I wiping its ass with the legacy of a real, revolutionary historical figure. That much is just too much to overlook.
Feb 12 XiaoGui17 commented on Trump's Sweeping Immigration Raids Have Started.
As someone who helped undocumented immigrants pro bono in Fair Labor Standards Act cases, a couple notes:

"Jobs Americans just won't do" is a total myth. More like "jobs employers just won't hire Americans to do."

It's fairly easy for an employer to fake a labor shortage on paper to get authorization for guest workers. They do so because Americans have a pesky habit of enforcing their rights, since they can't be intimidated with threats of deportation like either guest workers or undocumented immigrants. @3 is absolutely right.

Google, for instance, the Signal International human trafficking case.

This is slavery. It's not humble, hard-working people who are willing to do jobs Americans are too spoiled to take, or to do them for less. (It's no coincidence that there are higher rates of unemployment in areas with guest worker programs and undocumented workers.)

It's rampant fraud, baiting people to come based on one set of terms, then switching it with duress and extortion.

Those who lose their jobs because they can't compete with slavery have legitimate grievances. To brush them off as merely racist or lazy is ignorance borne of privilege, akin to saying "let them eat cake." Just because you're too well-heeled to want such a job does not mean no American does.

Of course, Trump's raids are the worst form of victim-blaming. The solution is more stringent prosecution of the employers, more stringent enforcement of the FLSA for all workers regardless of immigration status, and to educate the undocumented so they realize they have rights, too, and they shouldn't have to be afraid to step forward and enforce them.

But in order to propose an alternate solution to the problem, liberals have to acknowledge that there is a problem, and that American citizens are being hurt by the current situation, too, instead of writing off many of those who lost their jobs as being motivated by nothing but racism.
Feb 11 XiaoGui17 commented on Savage Love.
@76: So if you're female and "respectful in your approach" your approach is doomed to fail.

Really? There's a middle ground between friendzoning yourself (a problem het men often have as well!) and grabbing presumptuously. You can be clear without being crude, and respectful without expecting mind-reading.

Just state your intentions (without being vulgar) within a reasonable amount of time you've invested in your approach. That's neither disrespectful, nor is it vague Nice Girl crap.
Feb 10 XiaoGui17 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Straight Guy Can't Win.
The preview rendered a strike through on the MRA, so it was clear I was replacing it with manosphere. It disappeared when I hit post. Pooh.
Feb 10 XiaoGui17 commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Straight Guy Can't Win.
It sounds like LW is projecting his own insecurities onto others. Which is common among MRA manosphere types.
Feb 9 XiaoGui17 commented on Savage Love.
Xiao @32: Well, where are all these women who are saying yes to other women? They're certainly not saying yes to me. I maintain it's easier for guys to get girls, not just because more girls like boys than girls, but because the entirety of society revolves around opposite-sex dating. All a guy has to do is look at you a certain way and you know what he wants. I could spend months engaging in the same pursuit and the girl would not even suss the nature of my interest.

You're describing using the same technique to approach women that you would to flirt with men. No good!

A woman can merely signal availability/ openness /receptivity to a man, and men with some experience and confidence will take the hint and take the lead from there.

The other woman is not a man! She is not going to take the lead! You will wait forever if you wait for her to.

You've got to take the lead! You've got to follow through. When you do that, I guarantee you will have more success than a man doing the same would.
Feb 8 XiaoGui17 commented on Savage Love.
*laughing, not lauding, and the hyperlinked text should read "bi women are far more likely to say yes to a sexual proposition from another woman than one from a man."
Feb 8 XiaoGui17 commented on Savage Love.
@16: (bidanfan) ...she knows it will be leaps and bounds easier for HIM to get other pussy while she gets none.

As a fellow bi woman, I am absolutely rolling on the floor lauding at the absurd notion that it is somehow "leaps and bounds easier" for a het man to get pussy than a bi woman.

Het men get more pussy because the limits of their attraction compel them to make more of an effort, not because it takes less effort!

True, there are more hetero-&-bi than bi-&-gay women, but bi women are far more likely to say yes … I'd say the effort needed for a woman to get pussy is roughly equivalent to the effort needed for a man to do the same. We're just less desperate for it because we can fall back on dick.

All this violin playing about how he's cruelly suppressing his girlfriend is nonsense. He was more than willing to let her explore, provided he get an equivalent offer to do some exploration of his own. "Offering" him something she knows he doesn't want is disingenuous. It's really that simple.
Jan 20 XiaoGui17 commented on Trump's Team Gears Up to Slash Tons of Vital Government Programs.
Setting aside the issue of controversial art, the subjectivity of artistic merit, and the notion of a marketplace of ideas...

Let's consider Maslow's hierarchy, shall we?

While so many Americans struggle to afford housing, medical care, transportation, etc, do public funds really need to be prioritizing the arts? I love the arts, really. But they are the tip of Maslow's hierarchy: self-actualization. To put it bluntly, food comes first. And to tax someone who's struggling to pay his mortgage and get glasses for his kids just strikes me as wrong.

The question isn't whether at has value. The question is whether it takes priority over many of the other public policy considerations.

We've got finite resources, people. The failure to recognize that is as out of touch as "let them eat cake."
Jan 10 XiaoGui17 commented on I, Anonymous.
As someone who moved from a big city to a small town, I experienced a sort of inverse of this culture shock. People kept approaching me to just say howdy and have a blessed day. I was terrified at first, thinking I was being approached by some street-harassing scrub looking to get his dick wet, some panhandler who wanted cash ("for gas"), some weirdo who just had to preach his drug/ mental illness induced revelation. But no, they were just friendly. It was fucking strange. I nearly had a heart attack the first few times because in the city I saw much more of the former.