Oct 21 Upchuck commented on Putin Is Not Outsmarting Clinton, But Clinton Is Outsmarting Trump.
yes but clinton supporters did push the birther thing in the primaries against obama. and the clinton campaign did attack bernie for being misogynistic and too white in primaries because of his supporters. so what's good for the goose is good for the gander i guess...
Oct 16 Upchuck commented on In Town for Pramila Jayapal, Bernie Sanders Booed at Mentions of Hillary.
@2 et al liberal voters may be bad at movements. but so are (so called?) liberal politicians at governing. i suggest that the GOP is more effective at achieving their goals with merely a minority in congress vs dem control both congress and the white house. exhibit A in 09 the best they could (or were willing to) achieve on health care was a giveaway to health insurance companies that screwed over any workers and employers with good plans. exhibit B we still haven't stopped the iraq war. if the dems were serious about stopping the iraq war back when they were campaigning so hard for us to vote for them so they could all they had to do was sit on their hands and stop funding it. we gave them a majority and we and our contractors are still over there. meanwhile the GOP knows how to exert their will with strategic filibusters and hold outs. how many justices on the bench now? so yes, please, purity tests to ensure we're actually voting for liberals. because many dems are not.
Oct 11 Upchuck commented on Donald, Dorothy, Maria, and Melania.
@4 What the fuck do you know about it? stereotype much?
Sep 17 Upchuck commented on America's Largest Police Union Endorses Donald Trump.
I find it interesting that this is an endorsement made by their leadership. Not too unlike how a handful of unions endorsed Clinton early to the vocal complaints of members who thought Bernie should get it or at least wait for after the primary. I wonder if the roughy 2/3 (?) vote of the FOP leadership accurately portrays where the members also stand. I assume so but still curious...
Sep 17 Upchuck commented on America's Largest Police Union Endorses Donald Trump.
@23 of course that would be preferred. Unfortunately union members are just as vulnerable to the short comings of our educational system and the propaganda spewed by our mass media
Sep 16 Upchuck commented on America's Largest Police Union Endorses Donald Trump.
@1 what's to figure out? Unions are often large diverse groups. Do you expect us to be monolithic in our behavior?

Sep 11 Upchuck commented on I Was In New York City During 9/11. I'll Never Forget.
ever get the scoop on what took down building 7?
Aug 7 Upchuck commented on Science News: It's Sad That Hillary Clinton Has to Say She Believes in Science.
ethan link is obviously not qualified to define "science" or what our best and most current research suggest

GMOs usually are employed to allow roundup use to kill weeds. So although the gmo nature of corn etc may be benign (though this is questionable when you ask to what ends... For example it may be perfectly nutritious yet fuck up the ecosystem) the prime ingredient in roundup is beginning to be shown by many studies to be cancer causing and generally very bad. And all that aside even if GMOs AND round up were never shown to be harmful in any way, why would scientists want people to not have information about their food?!?!

Jul 29 Upchuck commented on Palestinian Human Rights Sign Yanked Out of Washington Delegate's Hand: "This Is Almost Like Racism".
@6 pleaaaaase.... Hill was fanning the flames of Israeli aggression in the occupied territories and kissing aipac's ass the entire campaign
Jun 27 Upchuck commented on Regarding Hillary's Private Email Server: So What?.
@57 yes, and bush too