It's not very popular.

Sep 11, 2013 DAL commented on Crime Is Not Actually Spiking Downtown.
@46: Today there's like two blocks of downtown left (3rd between Pike and Stewart) that are dodgy. Aside from that area, Seattle is Mayberry with high rises as Judy Nicastro aptly put it.

I work downtown and spend a lot of my spare time there.

Just off the top of my head, you're forgetting about everything within 2 blocks in any direction of 2nd and Yesler; the chaotic bus stop at 5th and Jackson; Westlake Park; Victor Steinbrueck Park (which should really be renamed Steel Reserve Park at this point); Occidental Park; the McDonalds at 6th and Lenora; and the area of 3rd and Lenora.

@50: If you look at the comment threads of those Seattle Times editorials, it's usually people from the suburbs complaining most about crime downtown.

I'm not from the suburbs, and I'm not complaining about "crime," I'm complaining about street disorder which makes large areas of downtown feel unsafe and unpleasant to large numbers of people.

I've spent time in lots of other big cities, and the only one that has anything close to the disorder problem we have in the core of downtown is San Francisco. Big, scary eastern cities with much worse crime problems take much better care of their economic cores.
Sep 11, 2013 DAL commented on Crime Is Not Actually Spiking Downtown.
Dominic, when you equate "public safety" with violent crime, and only violent crime, and say that "the public safety crisis is a manufactured crisis," you are implying that street disorder has no impact on public safety. That's absurd, and anyone who ever catches a bus at 3rd and Pike will agree that it's absurd.

And if McGinn has been doing the right things about it (other than being stymied by a lack of funding), as you suggest, then why is the street disorder at Seattle's most important transportation node so much worse than it was a few years ago? It has not always been the case that waiting for a bus at 3rd and Pike is a scary experience.
Sep 11, 2013 DAL commented on Crime Is Not Actually Spiking Downtown.
But the key to making downtown safer is not by bringing the hammer of the law down on people who don't have anywhere to go to the bathroom.

No, but perhaps that is the key to making downtown less stinky. There is a real street disorder problem. Public urination and defecation are rampant. It's impossible to wait for the bus at 3rd/Pine/Pike without being harassed or watching addicts or troublemaker kids fight among themselves. There are some sidewalks (in particular, the south side of Pine between 3rd and 4th) where you can't walk without being threatened. We need to do something about this or downtown will not be able to develop economically.

You make a decent case that this stuff is unrelated to crime and that candidates who link it to crime are being disingenuous, but you fall flat on your face when you act as though it's not a problem. It's a huge problem, and a major weakness of McGinn (who I generally support) is that he seems to ignore it.
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Apr 25, 2013 DAL commented on Why I Oppose Sub-Area Equity for Sound Transit.
For the record, this piece completely ignores STB's actual argument about why it's wrong to oppose subarea equity.

The ST board has a majority of members from the suburbs, and will continue to have such a majority until the end of time. Beyond that, the ST board has had a single-minded, tunnel-vision focus on "the spine" between Everett and Tacoma, the Seattle parts of which are already funded, and the remainder of which is entirely in the suburbs.

Thus, what little money the subarea equity policy requires ST to spend in Seattle will almost certainly be redirected to the suburbs if the policy is dropped. Yes, subarea equity is horrible policy in the abstract, but unfortunately it's the only thing protecting Seattle's interests in real life.

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