Mar 13, 2012 iliad commented on Obama's Poll Numbers Head South.
I just don't think these poll numbers can be accurate given that like a week ago Obama was near 50%. Perhaps that number was not accurate either, but indicates the wild unreliability of polls
Dec 9, 2011 iliad commented on The Scene Right Now at Occupy Seattle.
what an utter fucking failure. the only thing occupy accomplished was to make everyone in the the neighborhood (or at least 99% of us...) hate them. This falls in the top 10 of Seattle's all-time EPIC FAILS
Nov 23, 2011 iliad commented on SCCC Chancellor Asks Board to Evict Occupy Protesters.
would you douches quit defending these vagrant campers?! Christ, do you want them there forever?! Is that the kind of neighborhood you want to live in?
Nov 18, 2011 iliad commented on Dorli Rainey Goes to SPD Headquarters.
Just quit with the rabble-rousing! Sure it sucks that the old woman was pepper sprayed. But many of those protestors simply had it coming. As someone who lives in the neighborhood, I cant wait until they shut down the fucking encampment. I find it so irritating when I see 1%-ers like Michael Moore, Rachel Maddow and Cornell West stirring up the pot, and then escaping to the multi-million dollar estates on the Cape (or whatever gated community they live in). This whole movement is simply rife with hypocrisy. Just utterly juvenile
Nov 2, 2011 iliad commented on Police Spray and Arrest Protesters at Chase Bank on Broadway (Updated).
glad to see that my neighborhood will be turned into a shitty mess. I started out respecting the movement but now just despise it. and trust me the rest of the neighborhood will soon turn against these occupying douches
Nov 2, 2011 iliad commented on Chase Bank on Broadway Is Being Occupied.
These guys are making the lives of us who live on the Hill more difficult with their presence. Of course The Stranger will goad the protestors on at the expense of those of us who love and take care of the neighborhood. What a shitty mess Seattle Central is now!
Oct 13, 2011 iliad commented on "Chanting protesters surround police after officers arrested two individuals in Westlake Center.".
what's the over under on number of days before this turns into a fullscale WTO-like riot?
Oct 13, 2011 iliad commented on I Don't Give a Damn About Westlake Park.
this is such a dipshit post. grow up for fakes sake!
Oct 7, 2011 iliad commented on Occupy Westlake Park at Noon on Saturday.
I totally support the cause, but it’s a matter of time before the peaceful protestors become an unruly mob. Mark my words there will be mayhem and destruction in downtown Seattle once the anarchist idiots get their groove on
Sep 13, 2011 iliad commented on Microsoft Unveils Windows 8: What Do You Think?.
No matter it what it looks like all the apple fanboys on this site will bash it. Pathetically predictable