It's not very popular.

evolume is reading a troll's comments on Facebook. His name is Michael Pruitt.
May 13 evolume commented on I'm a Cook and I Want You to Keep Your Tips.
@5 It doesn't seem that entitled to ask that he be kept employed, considering his skill level and experience.

May 12 evolume commented on The Artist Responsible for that "Fuck Starbucks" Sign Describes How He Did It.
It was brilliant. My favorite vandalism since "UU Spring Break".
May 11 evolume commented on I, Anonymous.
He ran from a guy driving a Prius.
Apr 8 evolume commented on Online Fundraiser for the SC Cop Who Shot Walter Scott in the Back.
Scott was a diabolical super villain and just off screen was a red button wired to explosives at the orphanage!
Apr 2 evolume commented on Asian American Man Says Starbucks Employee Accused Him of Wanting to Steal Company Secrets to Take to China.
Seems like decent reporting to me. They interviewed the victim and followed up with corporate. It ain't Anderson Cooper but this ain't exactly front page material either.
Mar 20 evolume commented on Police Reports Illustrated: Sweaty, Suspicious, and Running to "Catch a Bus".
So the thief was a sweaty white guy, I assume, since shooting him dead wasn't in the comic.
Mar 11 evolume commented on New Column!.
I went to a dentist appointment a week early this morning. I sprang forward a fucking week and you know what they did? They cleaned my teeth anyway. The future, bitch!
Mar 6 evolume commented on Thoughts on Seattle's Least Functional Ping-Pong Table.
There is a streetside table at the Bullitt Center Madison. You can wack your balls into traffic.


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