evolume is reading a troll's comments on Facebook. His name is Michael Pruitt.
Oct 12 evolume commented on Three Separate Shootings in Seattle Leave Two Dead in Four Days.
Seattle needs emergency gun dispensers. In the event of a shooting, break glass, take gun, return fire.
Oct 8 evolume commented on How to Cut a Handgun in Half With a Chop Saw.
Only 350 million to go! Time to crowd source the shit out of this #ChopUpGuns
Sep 29 evolume commented on Watch the President of Planned Parenthood Hand an Anti-Choice Congressman His Ass.
"dip derp dip duh we will get to truth derp of the bottom of dut."
Sep 28 evolume commented on Why Building a Record-Breaking Skyscraper in Seattle Might Mark the End of the City's Boom.
Last I heard, the tallest building in Seattle had a lot of vacancies.
Sep 28 evolume commented on I, Anonymous.
Is the helmet really necessary?
Sep 24 evolume commented on A Quick Reflection on Chinese President Xi Jinping and the New Seattle.
I know where you can stick that surplus cash
Sep 17 evolume commented on The Last Days Crisis Is Over (for Me).
This is the only section of The Stranger I read religiously. I guess I'm finally done with this rag.