May 27 Zok commented on As 23rd Ave. Construction Drags On, First Cup Coffee Closes Its Doors.
Before we lament the loss of First Cup: Was she paying baristas a living family wage? These business owners need to be held accountable!
May 2 Zok commented on Fuck Everything About May Day in Seattle.
and most of all
Fuck you Ansel
Fuck you for being so naive to think a bunch of black-clad, whiney art school rejects would contribute anything other than blast ball targets to the proceedings.

El Comite has generated goodwill and social capital -- and moreso through contrast to the faux rage of white misfits -- which it can cash-in on policies favorable to its cause.

In a world that rewards constructive engagement and cooperation, you and Mudede have become poster children for journalistic futility.
May 1 Zok commented on Live Coverage of Today's May Day Protests....
"We've marched in pointless circle..."


What a great metaphor for leftish thinking.
Apr 28 Zok commented on The Perils of Quirkiness and the Beacon Hill Library.
Chuck clearly crosses a racist line here with the statement "this is the case is BECAUSE (emphasis mine) the architects of the Beacon Hill Branch are white and this was the only way they could express the diversity of the neighborhood, a diversity that was lacking in their firm,"

Meaning that the condition of being white necessarily precludes individuals from having certain creative talents. And that whites -- by their genetics -- are incapable of capturing the diversity of a community (in which they are a constituency)

That is outrageous. Mudede must apologize.
Feb 3 Zok commented on Three Suspects Arrested in Homeless Encampment Shooting.
@11... And Ken Fucking Blackwell?

Jesus, he was mayor during the Carter Administration. Seriously, 35 years since the last conservative-leaning mayor and you spout bullshit like "deeply conservative." Fuckin-aye.
Feb 3 Zok commented on Three Suspects Arrested in Homeless Encampment Shooting.
@11 – Bullshit.

Cincinatti has had a continuous run of Democrat mayors since 1984 (Luken, Mann, TIllery, Quails, Mallory, Luken (2) and Cranley.) Its council elections have been heavlily Dem for decades. Get serious.
Feb 2 Zok commented on Three Suspects Arrested in Homeless Encampment Shooting.
@8 Wait, you're a liberal and you don't want people thrown into a "Lord of the Flies" situation?

Find me lawless bands of youth who can't escape state control – and I'll show you cities run by liberals for decades.

How can you straight-face look at Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, etc. – cities where liberal programming has absolved parents of responsibility, conditioned youth to life without consequence – and say that you'd hate to have "Lord of the Flies?"

Urban America 'IS' that purgatorial place between liberty and jail, where youth are housed, fed, educated and clothed, but can't escape: Hemmed-in by school districts that don't allow choice, social welfare policies that herd communities by skin color, and political careerists who market state salvation to those who will remain compliant.

Your lack for sense of irony is amazing.
Jan 19 Zok commented on City of Seattle Invests in the Development of the Central District’s "Africatown".
Liberals never tire of dismissing history when it gets in the way of some serious bullshit narrative about a fake community lore.

In fact the history of the Central D and Valley isn't as a "black" neighborhood. First, and for 80+ years, it was developed as an Italian & Japanese community. At the north end of the valley was, like Ballard, one of the few discernibly European ethnic neighborhoods in the city. Rainier Valley was known as "Garlic Gulch."

During the twentieth century, the Valley attracted more residents of various backgrounds. By the late 1960s many African Americans moved to the Valley from the Central District in search of relatively inexpensive housing.

The Central District and Valley's "loss" as an "black" community is some melodramatic victimization-mentality crap cooked up to make us feel all boo-hoo about the natural progression of cities.
Jan 18 Zok commented on Why It's Misleading to Say the 62 Richest People Have the Same Wealth As Half the World.
More Mudeddled thinking. Any you know what these wealthy people do with their wealth? They put it into banks who don't do anything with it, and under mattresses where it remains untouched.

Or do they?

No, they put it into banks, where it is distributed as loans, to help people buy houses, cars, vacations, equipment, etc. all of which creates JOBS. Or they invest it in businesses, that employ people with ideas and ambition.

Why do you look at prosperity as a zero sum game? Money is just an exchange of value. The rich don't just eat the cash and it goes away.

Only Mudede works for multimillionaire advertisers, in a building owned my a multi-millionaire, typing into a device made by a billionaire, using technology commercialized by another billionaire, and then wonders who sent all their money to the rich guys? YOU made the rich Mudede. You and all your other hapless, low-ambition, skill-light liberal arts majors helped make them rich. And now you want the government to get your money back?

Good luck in life!

Jan 13 Zok commented on Dick's Drive-In Founder Dies.
Dick Spady was a classical capitalist. He started a business, invested in people, enjoyed the rewards, and fostered the community that supported him. There is a good & noble purpose to that cause – although it may just seem like "making burgers" – that gave thousands of people over decades the opportunity to work, study, save, learn and grow. For that too he will be missed.