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Jul 23, 2014 tuna cat commented on Savage Love.
I had a boyfriend once who did the "secret email account" thing. I know he never met up with any of the people he contacted, but he was exchanging incredibly explicit messages and pics, and also sometimes catfishing with photos of guys who weren't him. He had taken great pains to hide this from me.

I guess we could argue about whether this meets the definition of full-on cheating, but it was skeevy and underhanded as hell, and I definitely felt wronged by it in a way that I wouldn't have by appreciative locker-room scoping or flirting with the barista. It's kind of unsettling to see Dan equate these things.
May 1, 2013 tuna cat joined My Stranger Face
May 1, 2013 tuna cat commented on Savage Love.
@singing cynic I was going to say the same thing. Years of manipulation and codependent bullshit, salvaged only but a complete cutting of ties. How many of these monsters are out there?!